To provide you just a little background about the musical you may want to read the following:

The musical Chicago is based on a play of the same name written by the Chicago Tribune reporter Maurine Dallas Watkins. Ms. Watkins was assigned to cover the 1924 trials of murderesses Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner. It was by her attending these trials that she was inspired to write the play.

Ms. Beulah Annan was the model for the character of Roxie Hart. She was 23 when accused of the April 3, 1924, murder of Harry Kalstedt. It was reported that Ms. Annan waited over two hours before calling her husband to say that she killed a man who “tried to make love to her”. She was found “not guilty” on May 25, 1924.

Velma’s character is based on Ms. Belva Gaertner, who was a cabaret singer. The body of Walter Law was discovered in an abandoned car on March 12, 1924. Two police officers testified that they had seen a woman getting into the abandoned car and then heard multiple gunshots. Ms. Belva Gaertner was acquitted on June 6, 1924. The lawyers William Scott Stewart and W. W. O’Brien were models for the character, Billy Flynn.

The musical Chicago was first written and produced late in the 1920’s. The original musical was developed into two movies that were produced and released by different movie companies. The first movie of Chicago was a silent film released in 1930. Another movie soon followed but it was released with a sound track in 1940. Today, the musical version of Chicago was rereleased and the musical is currently touring the world. The movie industry reacted to the reintroduction of this great musical by producing another movie. Prior to my attending the musical on Sunday I had not seen any version of Chicago. Heading into the theater was I was excited to know this would be, the first time to see my cousin Donna perform and the first time to see Chicago.

Seated and comfortable in the theater, I watched as the doors closed, the lights dimmed for the audience and brighten on the stage. Next my ears heard the beautiful sounds coming from the orchestra as the musical began. Wow what a beautiful sight. The stage was close enough to see the expressions on the faces of the actors. The sound from the stage was fantastic; I did not miss one word of dialog or miss one note.