The Western Stage was founded in 1974 and has evolved into one of the most respected theatres on California’s Central Coast. The Western Stage provides a professional platform for their educational mission. They produce a season of plays utilizing local talent, professional and pre-professional artists. The Western Stage and Hartnell College are committed to providing traditional and non-traditional educational opportunities for individuals of the Salinas Valley.

During intermission I learned that the Western Stage can remain stable even through the current tough funding environment for education in California, as long as the community participates by becoming supporters. I think it would be a pleasant experience for me to become a person who supports The Western Stage. I could attend each one of their shows and share my experience with others in the hope that they too will want to become supporters. That night I learned that the theater requires an audience to excel! I could also donate to this worth will organization. If you would like to contribute to this great organization then copy and paste this link you’re your browser

In addition to Donna Federico’s artistic contributions to The Western Stage, she has been a member of The Amazing Dr. Zarcon’s Breathing Machine, a jug band. This amazing jug band plays the old-time jug music as well as blues and crowd-rousing specials. It is my understanding that the band starts off with Donna belting out the blues and pulling in the crowd to join her with songs like Cab Calloway’s Minnie the Moocher. Her rendition of My Kitchen Man brings down the house each time. Songstress Donna Federico has toured with the band and has been a dynamic crowd pleaser for years. Donna has not only been the bands vocalist I understand she can play a jug.

Just think what I have learned about my cousin. A talented woman who not only is my cousin, Donna is a singer, actress, director, teacher, songstress, juggist and a wonderful person. I cannot wait to see my cousin in future plays, singing with the band, or just sharing another meal together.