The Great Ecuador Expedition
We started our trip to Ecuador on a day Marti needed to work. So I will be picking her up after she completes her work. Today is a meeting day for my lovely girl so I will be heading to the building where the meeting is taking place so I can pick up my girl as soon as the meeting is over. Then off to our hotel for the night. Well I arrived just a few minutes early but Marti showed up outside the building and soon we were off to our hotel for the night. We had a three-hour drive ahead of us and we would want to have some dinner on the way. This means that it will be at least four hours from departing before we arrive at the hotel.
We were a short distant from the hotel but we were both a little hungry. We selected an Italian restaurant for our dinner and were soon seated. We ordered soup and a pizza for dinner. The soup was just ok so I was looking forward to the pizza. Oh well, guess each time we go out we cannot have a great meal. The pizza was the kind with a very thin crust and the toppings were chopped into very small pieces. For me, thin crust pizza is like eating pizza toppings on a cracker and I do not like crackers. Toppings in my opinion should be large enough so that I can taste each one with each bite. So you guessed right, I was not impressed with the first meal of our vacation.
With our home located about two hours from the San Francisco Airport we find it better to spend the night at a hotel close to SFO. This has two benefits, the first benefit is that we can sleep for one extra hour and the second benefit is that by using a “Sleep, Park, and Stay” hotel we pay about the same price to stay and park as we would pay just to park. This means that we can stay at the hotel for almost free. As an example if we just parked our car in the SFO long-term parking lot we would need to pay a total of $165.00. The cost of spending one night at the hotel and leaving my car parked at the hotel for the entire trip was $159.73 plus tips for the hotel shuttle driver. We had three bags so at one dollar per bag we will spend $6.00 on tips. The room cost us $.73. Wow what a deal! I just love good deals.
We had a good night at the hotel with a solid six hours of sleep. I was awake at 3:00 am and Marti was awake at 3:30 am. We were in the lobby at 4:00 am and on the bus at 4:10 am. We arrived at the airport, checked our luggage and we arrived at the gate by 4:45 am. We board the plane and soon we are heading to Miami for our connecting flight to Quito, Ecuador.