We arrived in Miami ten minutes early and we were soon looking for a place to eat. We crossed off our list the last two places we had eaten when we were in the Miami airport. Our search was narrowed down to one of two places. We selected the one that was the farthest from our departing gate. Well after a lunch of fifteen dollar hamburgers we were able to cross another place off our list when in the Miami airport. I sure do not understand why some airports have better restaurants than others. I think the DFW airport leads with some of the best restaurants. I am impressed with the service and quality found in the D concourse at DFW. So if you ever have a long layover at DFW and you find yourself a little hungry take the tram to the D concourse and enjoy your choice of good food.
Soon after our meal we were back to our departing gate waiting to board our flight to Quito, Ecuador. Boarding was quick and soon we were flying out of Miami crossing over Cuba and heading straight to Quito. The flight was very pleasant and we had a choice of pasta or a chicken salad for our in flight meal. We both passed on the meal because our fifteen dollar hamburger kept trying to say hello. After a four-hour flight we arrived at the Quito, Ecuador airport and were moving through immigration and customs. We entered the main airport and were greeted by a very nice man from the Hilton hotel who whisked us away to our hotel shuttle. Just as quickly we departed the airport and were on our way to the Hilton Colon Hotel. We arrived at the hotel and were quickly registered and on our way up to our room.
The room is beautiful with a great view of the city of Quito. The club room is one floor above us and after unpacking we headed up to the club room. We arrived late and they were getting ready to close. A very nice young man allowed us to stay and we were soon enjoying some great food and drinks. Back to our room we were soon asleep after both taking refreshing showers. I cannot wait until morning and we start to explore this beautiful country.