Good Morning Quito, Ecuador! Well after a lovely night of sleep I am up and ready to see the city of Quito. After dressing we went up to the club floor for breakfast. The view was even more beautiful than last night. The breakfast was refreshing. Eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, toast, fresh fruit, yogurt, and some assorted deli meats and cheeses. This along with coffee, tea, or any type of juice rounded out a lovely breakfast.
Back to our room for our map and book of Ecuador, we were then prepared for our first day of sightseeing. Into a cab and we were off to old town Quito. After a long cab ride I was surprised by the fair of just $3.00. We were dropped off by the church of San Francisco. We entered and were surprised to find mass starting. It was a spectacular church with all sorts of gold carvings and paintings. We stayed until the end of mass, since there was music, and then walked around the inside of the church. We took lots of photos both inside and outside the church. We walked around old town and saw the street where women used to work for a living, but now is nothing but one restaurant after another. We walked to the main square of old town Quito and saw another church and the government palace where the current president of Ecuador resides. During our tour of the square we saw a police ceremony for some of their fallen officers. This was followed by a changing of the palace guards. Both were very beautiful spectacles.
Next we headed up some very steep hills to La Basilica del Voto Nacional. We had to rest four times in route due to the steepness and altitude. The cost to tour the Basilica of $3.00 each was such a deal. I would have been happy if they had charged more. The Basilica was breathtaking. Its beauty is very hard to put into words. So instead of trying to describe something that beautiful just look at the photos we took. I only hope they came out and do the Basilica justice. I hope you can see the beauty and majesty of this wonderful structure.
After touring the Basilica we flagged down a cab and were off to see a local craft fair. The cab dropped us off and we so discovered that we were lost. We flagged down another cab and were on our way back to the Hilton hotel. We decided to have a late lunch and see what we might like to do a little later in the day. Just to add some additional information should any of you plan to go to Ecuador you may want to remember the following. The cost to enter the bathroom is just $0.25 and the cost for ten sheets of toilet paper is $0.25 then to dry your hands it is another $0.25 the tip may as well be $0.25 because you cannot find $0.075 so it just cost $1.00 to go to the bathroom. Think of this as such a deal because it is helping two mature Ecuadoran’s to enjoy their winter years.