My Uncle Leonard and Uncle Charley

I am going to interrupt the story about my trip to Ecuador to tell you about my trip to Sacramento! After this short story I will return to my story about Ecuador.

A Visit to my Uncle Jim and My Aunt Grace

About two weeks ago my Uncle Charley mentioned to me how my Aunt Grace my need to receive more care. My uncle seemed very concerned about my aunt Grace so I mentioned that I was free on December 2nd and 3rd and would like to drive him up to Sacramento. I was planning to visit my daughter and grandchildren who live in Citrus Heights that weekend. Citrus Heights is just a little north of Sacramento less than ten miles. It would be easy for me to drive up to Sacramento with my uncle Charley and visit my aunt Grace and uncle Jim. Then I could go visit my daughter and her family. The next day I could leave my daughter’s home and stop at my aunt Grace and uncle Jim’s home. I would pick up my uncle Charley and we could return to his home in Monterey, California. In fact for me it would be much more fun to drive up to Sacramento with my uncle Charley. I was hopeful my uncle Charley would accept my invitation.

About four days later my uncle Charley asked if I was still planning to head up to Sacramento and if so he would like to accompany me. I was very happy. I was going on a drive with my uncle Charley. Uncle Charley is one of my departed mothers’ brothers. He is a very wonderful person and is just 95 years old! I was looking forward to our drive. In addition to the drive, I would be stopping to visit both my aunt Grace and uncle Jim it was going to be a one in a million adventure. We worked out the details for the trip and all I needed to do was wait for Friday December 2nd.

I do not remember the exact date but prior to our departure date I received a call from my uncle Charley checking in with me and to let me know that my uncle Leonard wanted to join us on our trip to Sacramento. What a lucky man I was. I was going to visit my aunt Grace and uncle Jim with my uncle Leonard and uncle Charley. Earlier in the month I had stopped by my uncle Leonard and aunt Doris home for a visit. At that time I was able to visit with my aunt Doris but my uncle Leonard was working at his home in Boulder Creek. Again I was happy. I was now going to Sacramento with my two uncles Charley and Leonard. Together we were going to visit aunt Grace and uncle Jim.

It may be time for me to give you a little history at this time. My deceased mother, Rose (Federico) Giudicessi had one sister, Connie (Federico) Peyrounat who is departed and five brothers, Samuel, and Dominic, both departed and then James (Jim), Charles (Charley), and Leonard. My deceased father Frank James Giudicessi had one sister, Grace (Giudicessi) Federico and one deceased brother Jimmy Giudicessi. I think this explains my happiness. I was going on a trip with my two special uncles to visit my special aunt and uncle and I would be able to see them all in one day.

My aunt Grace is the sister of my departed father Frank James Giudicessi. She married my uncle Jim (James Federico) who was the brother of my departed mother Rose Marie (Federico) Giudicessi. Aunt Grace and uncle Jim had four children, Anna Jean, Leonard, Janet and Gary. My mother and father (Frank and Rose Giudicessi) had four children as well, Maryanne, John, Sam, and Jessica. The eight children enjoyed their childhood by spending summers together. We also enjoyed spending time with my departed aunts and uncles children. (You can view our whole family at Geni on the web.) Well I hope this helps to explain my joy to be driving with my two uncles to see my aunt and uncle.