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Now It is Back to my visit with my Aunt and Uncles!

The day started very early. I was up and out of bed at 5:30 am getting ready to drive to Monterey. I kissed Marti goodbye and was in my car and on the road by 6:30 am. I was excited as I head south on California highway number 1 to Monterey. I arrived just forty minutes later at my uncle Charley’s home. I was early but my uncle was dressed and greeted me at the door. Ginger entered the kitchen glanced at the clock and at me and said, “You are a Federico”. It seems we all get up early and like to get things done. I was honored to be linked directly to my mother Rose.

Soon my uncle Charley and I were in the car heading north on the California highway number 1. We were eager to meet up with my uncle Leonard. We would be meeting him in the town of Gilroy at the church where my uncle Charley married his departed wife, my aunt Lil. Turning off highway number 1 we were then heading east on California highway number 156 to US 101. We headed north on US 101 and soon we exited the highway driving down a main street in Gilroy. At the Church parking lot we found uncle Leonard. After saying our greetings we all entered the car and were now heading to California highway 152. We found the highway and we were soon heading east to US highway number 5. In time we reached US highway number 5 and now we were heading north to Sacramento.

A little more than one hundred miles up US 5 we were soon exiting the highway and driving to aunt Grace and uncle Jim’s home. We arrived at 11:30 am and we were greeted by my cousins Anna Jean and Janet, the daughters of my aunt Grace and uncle Jim. Uncle Jim was sitting in his chair whistling and watching everything that was going on around him. My aunt Grace was sitting in her chair and Janet was brushing her hair. At first aunt Grace looked a little confused and seemed to be trying to understand all the activity. I could tell that my aunt Grace was trying to understand all of the activity and it seemed that my uncle Jim was not concerned about the addition of people and activity.

First my uncles Charley and Leonard greeted both Grace and Jim individually. I followed my uncles greeting first my aunt followed by my greeting uncle Jim. It was obvious to me that neither aunt Grace nor uncle Jim had recognized me. I choose to take some photos of this wonderful occasion. I can only hope my photos are clear and that for once my photos are good enough to post. Well we all start talking Anna Jean is speaking to uncle Charley. Janet is speaking to uncle Leonard. I am taking photos and speaking to the care giver. Time goes by and after about forty minutes I notice my aunt Grace. She is staring at my uncle Charley after about a minute she smiles and her eyes brighten. She then moves her gaze to my uncle Leonard and again after about a minute she again smiles and her eyes brighten again. She then looks at me and I see that after another minute she again smiles and her eyes sparkle.

Just after this event, Janet finds a ball and starts to play catch with my uncle Jim. At first just Janet and uncle Jim are playing catch. Then Janet asks her father to toss the ball to his brother Charley. Uncle Jim hesitates for a few seconds and then he tosses the ball to uncle Charley. I am surprised and I continue to watch. Janet continues to toss the ball and requests her father to toss the ball to Charley, Leonard, or me. With each request uncle Jim tosses the ball to the right person. Janet also tossed the ball to her mother who would catch it and then toss it back to Janet or she would just bat the ball back to Janet. We continued talking, catching, and enjoying the time with both aunt Grace and uncle Jim. A little before 1:00 pm the care taker needed to take aunt Grace and then she was going to feed both aunt Grace and uncle Jim.