Uncle Charley offered to take Anna Jean and Janet out for lunch but they politely declined due to other duties. So we decided to leave the house and find someplace to enjoy lunch. We found a small sandwich shop and ordered lunch. After lunch we headed to my daughter Deborah’s home. It was a short drive to Citrus Heights and soon we arrived at my daughter Debbie’s home. We stayed for a short visit and we were lucky to arrive just in time to not only see my daughter we were able to see all of her children. I had told my granddaughter, Caitlin that I would come by this weekend for a visit and she was there for me. Shortly after we entered Deborah’s home Todd, Abby, and Braylin arrived home from school. I got lots of love and hugs and the children greeted my uncles. Braylin had earned a perfect attendance award from school. She is in first grade and she is the first granddaughter to earn a perfect attendance award. I was impressed and lucky for me was able to pull something out of my hat as a gift for her award. Next Abby showed me her midterm report card. Just A’s and a few B’s what a good report card. I informed her that if her semester report card looked that good or better I would get her an award.

It was time to go so off we went. I said goodbye to my daughter and her children. I am always happy to see them and I am always sad to say bye-bye. We were heading west on highway number 80 when we took a vote and decided to return for home instead of spending the night. With the decision to head for home we started looking for US highway number 5. The ramp for US 5 arrived about ten miles east and after entering the highway we were heading south for a little more than one hundred miles. Around 95 minutes later we were looking for CA 152. We found the ramp and soon we were heading west to Gilroy. We arrived in Gilroy a little over one hour later and found uncle Leonard’s car. We said our goodbyes and soon we were both heading home. Uncle Leonard was heading north on US 101 to San Jose. Uncle Charley and I were heading south on US 101 looking to connect with CA 156 so we could head west to Monterey.

We arrived at uncle Charley’s home at 7:30 pm and I am sorry to say the adventure was about to end. We collected his things and entered his home. I was greeted by Ginger and she had my most favorite cookie. It was an oatmeal raisin cookie with walnuts. Happiness is just a cookie away! Wow guess who was also at uncle Charley’s house. Janis and Richard enter the room. We spent some time talking but I was tired so I said good-bye and headed home. The trip was over and I was very happy.