Thank you for allowing me to inform you of my trip to Sacramento. It was very important to me and I just needed to share it with everyone. I hope you liked my adventure and now it is back to our vacation in Ecuador!

Lunch was excellent. We ate in the hotel at a little restaurant that soon became packed. The food was excellent with a very large variety to choose. You could eat off the menu or partake of the excellent Mexican buffet. This Mexican food was unlike anything we would expect in a USA Mexican restaurant. They had beef, lamb, and chicken with various sauces. The beef and lamb were prepared without any sauce. My guess was that they roasted the meat to perfection and you selected from a variety of sauces based on your likes and dislikes. Soup, salad, desert, along with original Mexican tacos rounded out the buffet. There was way too much variety to even try to just taste everything. After lunch we headed back to our room for a rest!
I think it is time for me to make a few general comments. The main item of interest for me had to do with the average height of the Ecuadorians. I am five feet nine inches and it seemed to me I was one of the tall people wherever we went. I wonder if living on the equator has anything to do with average height. I thought it might be due to the Incas who were here before the Spanish but it seemed to me that all Ecuadorians were short. The next thing I notice is that the hills are steeper and it is harder to go uphill when walking. Marti pointed out to me that we are in the Andes Mountains and not the coastal hills I am much more used to climbing. I have noticed that it does seem a little harder to catch my breath when going up steep mountains but I think that the average altitude of Quito is a mere 8,000 feet. I am unsure that can really be to blame. In truth I think my age along with the extra fifty pounds of body fat may be the more likely cause. However, getting a little winded is nothing to my enjoyment of this country and of the wonderful people I have the good fortune to meet. I sure am enjoying my stay!
After our rest we relaxed and had some wine. Back up to the club room we enjoyed wine and snacks and the view from the club floor. We toured the hotel and also spotted some exciting spots close to the hotel. We had a relaxing late afternoon and early evening. We choose to go to sleep early because we were to be picked up early the next day and driven to Otavalo.
Again breakfast on the club floor was good and after a second cup of coffee we were back to our room and prepared to check out of the hotel. In the lobby we had just a short wait for our driver. Fausto Santiana is an excellent driver and a fountain of information. All along the two-hour drive he would provide us with both historical and cultural information. In addition to the information about Ecuador we learned about his family and we shared information about our family. We stopped at the Equator and took some photos. He provided us information about shopping in Otavalo. He is a wonderful person and he was one jewel we met on this trip. On my return I will always request his service.