Tired from the drive and the tough negotiations I suggested we may want to find some place to eat lunch. Marti countered quickly with the suggestion that we may want to return to the Hacienda Pinsaqut and check out our room and enjoy a late lunch at the Hacienda. After watching her skill of negotiation with the market sellers I choose not to discuss any other option and just flagged down a cab and back to the Hacienda we went.
We were greeted by Marcelo Morillo the General Manager of the Hacienda who showed us around and took us to our room. The room is very beautiful with a high ceiling and tastefully decorated. Quickly I noticed that the room did not have a television and Marcelo was informing us that WiFi access was only available in the reception area. We were here to enjoy the early life of Ecuadorians by being guests of the Hacienda. Marcelo wanted his guests to be reminiscent of times gone by like the early nineteenth century.
A fire was started in our room and soon we were warm and toasty. We headed to the Hacienda Restaurant for lunch but instead of walking through the buildings we walked through the gardens. The beauty of the Hacienda is accented by the peaceful sound of silence. The Hacienda is set back from the main road so it is very difficult to hear the sounds of anything other than nature. The trees were very majestic, with plants and flowers used both to accent and define paths. Off to one side of the gardens is a pond with a small old wooden bridge to aid you should you choose to cross the pond. Sprinkled in the garden are these cute small tables and chairs made from the trunks of trees.
After our stroll through the gardens we entered the restaurant for lunch. We started with some Ecuadorian treats, a pastry pocket filled with local cheese, they are delicious but very filling. Next we had an Ecuadorian potato soup that included avocado, and another local cheese. The soup was bland and if you like a hearty soup you may want to skip the soup. The soup was followed by a fresh lightly dressed salad that was outstanding. All of this was then followed by our main course braised pork. This main plate included braised pork, potatoes, baked plantain bananas, tomato salad and some type of corn that was both unique and superb. What a delicious lunch. Stuffed and very happy we returned to our room for a little rest.
After our rest we headed to the lobby area to send and receive e-mails. I found time to add some notes for my blog. Around 7:00 pm, Marcelo came by and reminded us of the welcome reception that was to be held in the Hacienda bar. Quickly we packed up our computers and headed to the bar. We were greeted by a small mariachi band playing and sometimes singing local songs. An assistant to Marcelo took some time and informed all of us of the history behind the Hacienda. The Hacienda Pinsaqui was first built around 1790, and has become a part of the history of Ecuador. After some drinks, stories, music and songs we all retired to the main restaurant for dinner. Still full from my large lunch we enjoyed a light dinner before retiring to our room for the night. Again the food was excellent and very well prepared and presented. We had a spicy tuna sandwich that was complemented with their wonderful salad and some of the best fried potatoes. It was a quarter to ten so off to our room for a restful night of sleep.