The bed was very comfortable and the hot water bottles added a little extra history to our room. Falling asleep for the night was easy and soon it was time to get out of bed and dress for breakfast. Marti planned our day of exploration and I shaved. Then out of our room and into the breakfast area to eat. The meals here are wonderful. Soon after breakfast we were in a cab heading to the weaver village. Behind the church we meet Jose Cotacachi a local artist who uses a loom as his canvas. Amazed we left his studio with three of his works of art. I now understand more about an artist and the artist choice of media.
Leaving the weaver village we were on our way to Cotacachi a village famous for its leather goods. We were dropped off in the middle of the leather shops. The shops lined both sides of the street and some could be found just off the main street. Not counting the booths by a city square I would guess there were a little under one hundred shops. Some items were very repetitive and found in most shops but some items were so unique that they were only to be found in one shop. I think we visited most shops except the shoe and boot stores. Hungry we headed to the best restaurant in Cotacachi. La Marquesa Restaurant featured Ecuadorian food.
We ordered avocado stuffed with chicken as a starter. This was very good and as a first course was not too filling. We ordered a plate of chicken, beef, and pork as the main course. This was much more than we could eat alone. The plate had servings of potatoes, salad, baked plantain bananas, and corn. The meat was fried and both the chicken and beef were excellent the pork was just way too dry. The potatoes, salad and baked plantain were good but not as high quality as what we had for lunch the day before. The corn was just ok. Soon we were heading back to the Hacienda for a rest after shopping and lunch.
Once back at the Hacienda we retired to our room and had a little siesta. After our rest we met up with Betty for a drink in the bar. We talked and laughed and enjoyed telling each other stories about our travels. The late afternoon passed to early evening so we wandered into the restaurant for dinner. After a lazy dinner we choose to call it a night and headed to our respective rooms. Greeted with candy, a roaring fire and two hot water bottles in our bed we changed and slipped into a warm bed for a restful night’s sleep.