After Marti’s nap we headed to the lobby for our WiFi connection. I enjoyed reading some e-mails and was happy to hear from my sister Mary Anne. After spending time sending e-mails we closed down the system and headed into the restaurant for a light dinner. After dinner we headed back to our room for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we will be flying to Cuenca.
Wow what a great night of sleep. I rolled out of bed late in the morning and headed into the bathroom to shave and brush my teeth. After my shower I dressed and then started to pack our bags for the flight to Cuenca. Boy oh boy did someone (Marti) purchase a lot of stuff. It took me the best part of one hour to repack our suitcases. My suitcase was very easy to pack. Marti’s two suitcases were very messy and I had to restart from scratch. After reloading all of the souvenirs and then repacking Marti’s items we still had some space left. I sure am one of the worlds’ greatest suitcase packers. Marti gave me a Hip Hip Hooray!
With the packing completed we headed out of our rooms and requested a cab to take us to the Hacienda Cusin. This hacienda was the one we were planning to stay at until we saw the Hacienda Pinsaqui. We thought it would be nice to see and compare the two Haciendas’. Hacienda Cusin was a converted Monastery with some beautiful gardens surrounding the multiple buildings that made up the rooms of the hacienda. After touring the gardens and visiting the guests’ rooms and guests activity rooms we were hungry and tried to enjoy lunch in the restaurant. We waited for some time but when no one came we decided to catch a cab and return to the Hacienda Pinsaqui.
We enjoyed another delicious lunch at the Hacienda Pinsaqui before we were picked up by our wonderful driver. Fausto Santiana is the owner of the company that works with our travel agent. His English is very good and as I have stated before he is an excellent driver and a fountain of information. All along the two hour drive to the airport he provided us with both historical and cultural information. In addition to the information about Ecuador he shared information about the cities we were passing along the way. We again stopped at another point on the Equator and took some photos. It was just one day before the sun was directly over the Equator so I took a photo of my shadow on the line of the Equator position 0 degrees. Fausto is a wonderful man and he even stopped in a small town that was famous for La Biscoti cookies. He purchased some for his family and shared some with Marti and me. I will always request his service on my return.