After eating we decided to stroll around the town. We found our way back to the main square and stopped by multiple pastry shops looking for something to enjoy later in the evening. I am sorry to say we did not select anything. I think this was due to trying to find something so late in the day. Most of the good items were already purchased. I was a little disappointed so back to the hotel we went.
At this time I would like to share my views about our hotel here in Cuenca. This hotel is a converted home that once belonged to someone very important. The Mansion Alcazar is the name of the hotel. When we arrived our room was filled with rose petals. Our canapé bed had two robes laid on the bed with red rose petals sprinkled over both the bed and the robes. The bathroom had rose petals on the floor and in the bath. The room was fresh and the scent of roses filled the air. We had enough room for all of our luggage (and everything else we purchased) with more than an ample table and a comfortable chair for me sit and write. The lobby was just off the entry and served its purpose. What takes your breath away is the indoor patio room that has been converted into a lobby area. It is beautiful with a fountain in the center surrounded by four conversation nooks. In the back is a beautiful garden well tended and abundant with birds. The hotel features a gourmet dining room that has been rated second in the city. I enjoyed both restaurants and my vote would place the Mansion Alcazar at the top. The staff was very attentive and courteous. My only area of concern related to the music played in the back garden. We had requested a room with a view of the garden and were assigned room # 104. The room was wonderful except for the music. The music played from late afternoon until around 7:00 pm and it seemed to play the same songs over and over again. Would I return to this hotel? For sure and I would even ask for the same room. I just might bring a CD with some other songs.
Morning came and I headed into the bathroom to shower, shave and brush my teeth. Well after my shower I noticed that there was only one bath towel so instead of being a pig I left it alone and selected the small towel (I think this was the one the Inca people use because it is so small). Lucky for me there was a robe so I was able to completely dry my body. Leaving the bathroom I saw that Marti had a damp bath towel at the side of her bed. I asked about it and she said that she washed her hair and used it to dry her hair. I thought to myself, so much for me trying to being a gentleman.
We headed into the hotel restaurant for breakfast. I had lots of coffee, an egg scramble with fresh vegetables, and ham. Marti had an omelet with bacon, cheese and vegetables. We planned out our day and after a lazy relaxing meal we were on our way to enjoy the day.
We caught a cab and had him take us to the Inca Museum by the bank of Ecuador. This is a funny story because it seems that the bank of Ecuador had plans to expand the building so they purchased some land directly behind the bank and started to build. Very early in the building process they came across some ancient Inca ruins. They had to stop and the land reverted back to the government and the department of the interior excavated the ruins. The government then constructed a beautiful building to house some of the artifacts. The museum was very magnificent the lighting and staging of the artifacts was beautiful and better helped to enlighten. I was so impressed with the museum that we stayed a little longer than we had planned. I should point out to Brother Matt that they did have multiple shrunken heads in the museum. I was unable to take photos because the heads were in a section of the museum that covered some Amazon tribes and the area was dark with security all about. I was sure if I tried to take a photo the flash would have given me away.