We returned to the hotel and I am sorry to say that my motion sickness had made me tired and not wanting to venture out and about. Instead I worked on this report and Marti explored both the hotel and the area. We scheduled our dinner for 7:00 pm at the hotels only restaurant. The ambiance was just as pleasant as for breakfast except the lighting was less and the area had an air of romance. We took our time and focused on the menu. After a careful discussion we selected two main courses. Rabbit Cacciatore in a very light red sauce with peppers, onion and garlic over thick fettuccine. The fettuccine was cooked just right and the peppers were soft but still holding their shape. The rabbit was cooked to perfection not overcooked as you might expect but cooked just to the tender point. Our next selection was pork loin wrapped in prosciutto with apple slices, goat cheese and a small tasty fruit that I have not had the pleasure to enjoy. The prosciutto was fried crisp and the pork loin was cooked to just the right temperature. The fruit along with the bits of goat cheese were fresh-cut and plated raw. These main plates were excellent. Finally we ordered an apple Neapolitan for desert. It included raisins which should have been listed on the menu but was not. We tried to enjoy this desert by taking out the raisins but stopped as we did not enjoy this desert. Overall I was very pleased with both main courses and the service was outstanding. Oh yes Marti said the wine was excellent.

The next day we were to leave the beautiful city of Cuenca and return to Quito. Morning came much too quickly but Marti and I were up and out of bed. Into the hotel restaurant for breakfast and then we were off for some last-minute sightseeing. First stop the, little house of chocolate and away we went with two boxes of chocolate and a small bag for me. Marti wanted to continue shopping but I wanted to head back to the hotel and rest before our flight. We both won this one I continued for one last shop and Marti picked out a beautiful ring. The ring is her memento of our vacation in Ecuador. Let see I have my one dollar coin purse and Marti has a ring, and a lot of other items. That seems fair to me. So off I head to the hotel and Marti heads to the square. She returns to the hotel with a few more items. Kate will be surprised.

Packed we head to the airport and catch our flight. We are picked up at the airport and rushed over to the hotel. We check into the room and take a look at the view. Oh no! A craft fair is directly below our window and I cannot contain Marti. Gone in a flash! She returned about one hour later with a small package. The day is almost over so I am ready for bed. We fly out of Quito early in the am so it is goodnight.