We arrive at the airport with plenty of time and head to the gate. Once there we wait until they are about ready to call our flight. Oh no we are at the wrong gate. We move quickly to the correct gate and board our flight. Off to Miami we go! It is nice to be heading home. We arrive at the airport and it is through customs. Lucky for us we selected the fastest moving line so when we cleared customs the officers left for a break. I just cannot pick a fast line. All of our luggage arrived and we headed for the hotel.

Tonight we ate at a local restaurant and enjoyed a remarkable fish sandwich. The service was poor but the food was good. Tomorrow we depart Miami and return to San Francisco. Once there it is time to pick up my car and head for home. The vacation was great and I had a wonderful time but it is always good to be going home. I miss my daughters, my son and of course all of my wonderful grandchildren.

Well it just could not be the end of the vacation without something going just a little wrong. I awoke in the hotel room of the Crown Plaza at 5:00 pm. I headed into the bathroom and started to prepare to leave Miami and fly to San Francisco. All of a sudden my cell phone began to ring and I knew that something was wrong. The ringing of the phone had awakened Marti and I could tell that she felt something was not right. Sure enough the call was from American Airlines, and our flight to SFO (San Francisco) was cancelled. That was the bad news. The good news was that we had been rescheduled on two other flights. It was impossible to reschedule a direct flight to SFO, but we were scheduled to fly from Miami to Dallas and then from Dallas to San Francisco. Instead of arriving at 11:30 am we would arrive at 4:10 pm. Yes it was a four and one half hour delay but at least we were arriving today.

We took our time checking out of the Crown Plaza and enjoyed a relaxing breakfast. At the completion of breakfast we headed to the lobby to catch the shuttle bus to the Airport. What luck just as we entered the hotel lobby we saw the shuttle bus stop so it could pick up the hotel passengers. We entered the bus as the driver loaded our bags. Soon we were at the Miami International Airport being dropped off at the AA departure gate. Was it luck or was it fate I just do not know but we were able to walk up directly to the American Airlines ticket agent and both check our bags and receive our boarding passes. Next we headed to the security line and as we showed out passports and boarding passes to the TSA agent we were directed to an area that had no other passengers ahead of us. Soon the next TSA agent reviewed our ID’s and boarding passes and moved us forward to the X-Ray machine. Wow just one person waiting to pass through the metal detector and it would be out turn. We cleared TSA security and arrived at the flight departing gate with enough time to relax and wait for boarding. We arrived a little early to Dallas, and soon we were winging our way to SFO. We arrived at SFO just a little early but happy to be home. See sometimes what starts out to be bad can turn out better. I had a great vacation with my girl, Marti.