Shortly after Marti and I became a couple. We decided that it would be fun for us to spend New Year’s Eve together in a romantic place. For the first two years we spent New Year’s somewhere along Highway 49 in the California gold country. This year was going to be different. We were going to drive up to the northern coast of California. Specifically we were on our way to the Little River area. Our plan was to stay at the Little River Inn. We would say goodbye to 2011 and say hello to 2012 at the Little River Inn. We shared this story with our daughter Alex. She suggested it might be nice to spend at least one night in the Napa Valley together. We modified our New Year’s Eve plan and now we were going to spend one night in Napa Valley.
So today I’d like to tell you a little story about my trip to Napa Valley. Prior to our trip to Napa Valley we decided to check out the various hotels in the area. After a thorough and exhaustive search we selected the Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance resort and spa. Two days prior to our departure, we received a reservation reminder from the Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance resort and spa. We had reserved a cottage room with one king bed and a fireplace. After driving for a period of 2 1/2 hours we arrived at the hotel. The lobby to the hotel was magnificent. On either side of the lobby were two large rooms one was a restaurant and the other a spa center. We checked in and were given the keys to our cottage. Leaving the hotel lobby we headed directly to our cottage. Our cottage was on the second floor of a small compact unit.
As we entered our cottage we were stuck by the size and the beauty of the room. The room had a king size bed against one wall with a refrigerator, TV, couch and two chairs on the other side of the room. On the wall opposite the bed was an electric controlled gas fireplace. The back wall of the cottage had an entry for the closet and off the closet was an entry to the oversized bathroom. Entering the bathroom you were immediately impressed by the size of the giant bathtub. Much to our surprise we found that directly above the bathtub were wood shutters that could be opened and someone in the bathtub could watch TV or talk to someone laying on the bed. Moving through another door we found the toilet and a standup shower. I do not know the exact number of hotel rooms I’ve slept in but this room by far was the largest and most spacious.

I would like to have a little side note here and let those of you who know me understand. I checked out the towels and they were very soft and fluffy. The bed was firm and the pillows were soft. I was happy that we had selected this hotel for our stay in Napa Valley. Marti and I had just sat down when Marti’s phone rang. It was Alex and Allie they had arrived at the hotel and wanted to know when we would start the wine tasting. I said that I would be ready in 30 minutes and Marti agreed. Soon we were leaving our room and heading to the lobby to meet the girls. After saying hello we headed to the car and started our journey to the wineries.