Returning to our hotel room Marti and I went directly to our room for a short rest. Alex and Allie chose to head to the Napa town square to shop and see other items of interest. Around 6:30 PM we met up with Allie and Alex at the Napa square. It was getting close to dinnertime and we were all hungry. A suggestion to go to a French restaurant was soon vetoed by John. The second choice, offering an American menu, was selected and soon we were sitting down reviewing the menu. We selected a good bottle of Napa wine and an appetizer of calamari to start. Marti selected a main course of beef stroganoff. The girls, Alex and Allie, chose to share a salad and pizza. I had sausage with penne pasta in a spicy red sauce. Both the wine and the meal met our expectations. The ambulance of the restaurant was cute in a little old world way. After dinner we walked to the car and were soon on our way back to the hotel.

Prior to returning to the hotel the girls suggested we stopped at a liquor store for a bottle of wine they could enjoy in the hot tub. It is here that I should remind you about our stop at the Elizabeth Spencer winery. If you recall the girls Alex and Allie had purchased some small bottles that they could consume in the hot tub. I chose not to ask why those bottles were not good enough for the hot tub here in Napa. Instead, I went looking for a liquor store, so the girls could purchase some wine. With the assistance of Alex’s iPhone we located a whole foods store just a few blocks away. Alex entered the store and selected a bottle of wine for her an Allie to enjoy later that evening. After this detour for a bottle of hot tub wine, we returned to the hotel. Marti and I were at the hotel for a night of rest. Alex and Allie were back at the hotel to enjoy their wine and the hot tub.

Marty and I had an enjoyable night and awoke in time to enjoy some coffee with the girls. After coffee, the girls left for San Francisco and Marti and I left for the Little River Inn. Marty had a great idea about cutting across the valley and driving up Highway 1. This was to be a scenic drive with Marty and I enjoying the rugged northern California coastal community. Around half way to US Highway 1 the fog surrounded the car and it became difficult to see anything but the road. After turning onto Highway 1, the fog was still with us and all we could see was the road. We continued heading North up Highway 1, when I realized we were in the cloud. It seemed funny to me that we were driving up Highway 1 in a cloud of fog. I thought of my Apple iPad and how it and moved all of my music to the Apple Cloud. I asked Marti to look around and see if she could see any of my music. That was worth a little giggle.