A little over two hours later we decided to stop for lunch. There was not much to choose from so we found ourselves at a lodge along the highway. Time was 11:55 AM we were informed by a hostess that we must wait until 12 noon for lunch. We sat down in the lobby and waited the five additional minutes. This lunch stop turned out to be a very lucky stop for us. The food was prepared from scratch and they even made their own mayonnaise. Both Marti and I enjoyed our lunch and the quality of the food. Soon we were back on the highway heading north. Normally if I am driving, I do not get motion sickness. However, driving in the fog seemed to nauseate my stomach and gave me a slight headache. Approximately one hour later I saw the Little River Inn on the right hand side of the road. Turning onto the property we headed to the office to check in to our room.

The room is beautiful. It is on the second floor above a business conference center. We have a deck just outside the room looking out over the Pacific Ocean. The view from the deck is breathtaking. I can see the crashing surf, gigantic rocks embedded in the sand and majestic trees. I am struck by both the ruggedness of the coast and the beauty of the view. This is one place that I hope I will return to in my future. Inside the room, we have a fireplace, couch, refrigerator, table and chairs, and an elevated bed. Oh yes, there is a television as well. The bathroom is enormous with two sinks, a toilet, shower and a Jacuzzi bath large enough for two. It looks like I’m going to have fun tonight.

After a brief rest we headed north up Hwy. 1 to the town of Mendocino. It’s not a very big town so driving for a period of 10 minutes we had seen everything there was to see. We enjoyed a little more sightseeing and selected the Mendocino Hotel as our dinner restaurant. Lucky for us we were on vacation. The service at the Mendocino Hotel was anything but prompt. The bartender was providing drinks to all the guests at the hotel. In addition she was trying very hard to wait on tables. It was a gallant effort on her part. However, that in no way overcame the hunger in my stomach. Being on vacation, I asked my stomach to settle down and I started to enjoy a conversation with Marti. I was surprised 30 minutes later when the bartender stopped at our table and asked if we were ready to order. We said yes. I ordered a mushroom sandwich and Marti ordered the meat loaf. Our conversation was interesting and soon another 30 minutes had passed and our dinner arrived.

I cannot tell you how surprised I was to find my sandwich still warm. In fact, after biting into my sandwich, I was so impressed with the quality and beauty of the presentation that the wait time became a faded memory. Marti was very impressed with her meal as well. The gravy that covered the meat loaf was wonderful with a meaty flavor and a hint of wine. The mashed potatoes were mashed, not whipped and they were presented hot with a perfect smooth texture. We relaxed and enjoyed our meal and a few extra glasses of wine. With dinner over we headed back to our room for a restful night before New Year’s Eve.
For those of you who would like more information check this out http://www.littleriverinn.com/