Back in our room at the Little River Inn we started a fire in the fireplace and looked out at the Pacific Ocean.  Marti choose to take a bath in the sauna and I turned on the TV.  Our evening was special and very relaxing.  Sleep was restful and the next thing I remember is waking up on the last day of the 2011.  Marti and I decided to go exploring both Mendocino and Fort Bragg.  Mendocino was a beautiful quaint town.  The homes in the town were built-in the early half of the 1900’s.  They were well-kept homes with great views of the area including the Pacific Ocean.  Many homes were converted into business.  We bought some great chocolates in one converted home.  Marti and I shopped for jewelry in another converted home.  We even ate a wonderful French lunch in a converted home.  Our visit to an art museum was inside a converted home.  I did not understand the real reason for converting homes instead of just building a structure to accommodate the business.  All I can say is that it worked in this town very well.

In addition to visiting the town we walked along the headlands of Mendocino.  The weather was wonderful and nothing like we would expect on the last day of the 2011 year.  The views were so special both Marti and I took more photos than we normally take.  There was a little funny incident that occurred at the headlands and I would like to share it with you.  Marti and I were looking down at the Pacific Ocean pulsating into the various coves along the headlands when I spotted what I thought was a seal in the water.  I pointed it out to Marti and as I did we both thought there were many seals in the water.  We were both very surprised to see what we thought were a large number of seals.  At the next cove we were able to move closer to the water and discovered that what we thought was seals were in fact seaweed.  Oh well it was exciting for a little time.

Next we were off to visit Fort Bragg, a short drive just eight miles north of Mendocino on HY 1.  I must have missed whatever was special to Fort Bragg.  After arriving we drove down the main street, took a few turns and discovered nothing of interest. The homes were normal as were the business establishments.  From the golden arches to your standard Safeway store nothing stood out to distinguish this town from any other town in California.  Yes you could still see the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the inlet to the harbor was nice but different or unique.  No it was not!

Prior to returning to our Inn we decided to stop and pick up some “boy friend food” so we could enjoy our last night of 2011 together.  For those of you who do not know what “boy friend food” is I will explain.  Before Marti and I became the couple we are today we dated.  It was during this time that Marti impressed me with her skill with various foods.  These various prepared dishes became known to her children (Chris and Alex) as “boy friend food”.  The reason was simple after Marti prepared the treats she would store them in the refrigerator and inform her children to not eat her boy friend’s food. Soon it became a question the children would always ask, May I eat this or is it “boy friend food”.

So after picking up some wine, olives, salami, cheese, salads, bread and of course chocolate we returned to Little River Inn.  I started a roaring fire in the fireplace and we settled in to welcome the New Year.  As we set out the boy friend food we realized that forks and spoons would have been a good idea but even without those items we enjoyed our evening.  Welcome 2012!