We returned home and Marti noticed that I was still thinking about the wrist watch and looking it up on the internet. She said that she was surprised that I would still be thinking about the watch. She went on to explain that since we had already purchased a watch, I should no longer be interested in looking at wrist watches. However, she noticed that I was not really interested in other wrist watches. She noticed that I was just interested in one wrist watch. It was the wrist watch of my dream, that Hugo Boss watch with the rose gold numbers and the rose gold case with a genuine leather band. The wrist watch with a face large enough that my week old eyes can see without glasses. I guess I really did want that watch.

Marti soon realized that the watch she had purchased for me was not the watch that I really wanted. She decided to resolve the problem. She was going to return the watch she purchased and return home with the wrist watch of my dream. What could I do? She was a woman with a purpose. I was so very happy and I was happy that Marti was the person who decided to return the watch that was purchased and purchase instead my Hugo Boss Rose Gold Chronograph wrist watch. Marti was going to make my dream come true.

I was so excited I was going to get the watch. It was a beautiful watch and I can see its face without my glasses. I waited for Marti to return home. Darn my luck, Macy’s did not have the watch in stock. We needed to order it from Macy’s online, and then I would need to wait until it was shipped to our home. My ordeal of waiting started. Each day I wondered if today was the day my watch would arrive. I waited and waited hoping that today would be the day for my watch to arrive. The days passed slowly but I continued to wait. Other items arrived at our house. Items such as the dress Marti ordered from the Jill catalog.  A Christmas gift from her sister in Virginia arrived. Another Christmas gift for Marti but this time it was from her daughter. I was starting to think my watch would ever come. Then three days later it arrived. I was so excited I opened the package to see my wrist watch.