Again, I was at home and waiting for my watch to appear. Again items and packages arrived to the house but these items were not my wrist watch. I counted the number of days (three days) it took the first time for Macy’s to ship me the wrong watch. Now I counted the same number of days and waited for the third day so I could check out what arrives on that day. Oh if only you could experience my disappointment when the wrist watch failed to be delivered on that day. I continued to wait pacing, worrying, and wondering when my wrist watch would arrive. Marti suggested that I stop fretting and just let it arrive “whenever”. How could I do that? I was waiting for the watch of my dreams. After an additional three days my watch arrived (darn weekends). I was so happy in fact ecstatic may be the better word. I opened the box quickly and checked to make sure they shipped the right man’s wrist watch. It was the right watch! Marti came home. I showed her the watch. She was happy to see that it was here.

Then she took the watch and the box and left the room. Surprised I asked what she was doing. She told me that it was a gift for Christmas and that I would have to wait until Christmas day. I was crushed and again I was waiting for another day. I waited and I waited. I waited for Christmas day. It seems so far, far away, but I waited.

The day before Christmas is Christmas Eve. I had an idea. I explained to Marti about a custom that we had at my home when I was just a young boy. I told her how we were able to select one present an open it on Christmas Eve. We were only able to open one present on Christmas Eve, the rest of the presents would have to wait until Christmas day. Marti said that she had a very similar tradition. I became very excited I was going to get my watch on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day. However, Marti went on to explain that in her tradition everyone could open just one special Christmas gift.  That gift was always a new pair of pajamas to be worn Christmas Eve so when everyone awoke Christmas day they would be dressed in a new set of Christmas Pajamas. Photos could be taken as everyone opened their gifts. Darn it seemed to me that I was going to need to wait until Christmas Day. I was disappointed again. It looked like I had to wait two days instead of just one day for my watch. They were the longest two days as I waited for my watch to reappear.

Christmas day finally arrived and with it came my wrist watch my Hugo Boss rose gold faced watch. I was excited. I tore open the package and took my watch out of the box. I placed it on my wrist. It was finely mine. I showed everyone my wristwatch my beautiful Hugo Boss watch. I showed them the sparkly rose gold face the rich embossed leather band. I showed them how to work the stopwatch. I was ever so happy.