Well we are off on our vacation to Spain and Portugal. Yesterday we finalized our packing and I am proud to state that Marti packed much less than last time. I must remember to thank Stephanie for her coaching Marti about packing for our trip.

In order for us to enjoy our trip to Spain and Portugal we needed to hire someone who would take care of the dogs. Marti was referred to an individual named Marty. On the day we were going to depart Marty L arrived early. After a little time to show him around the house, we left for lunch. After lunch we headed to South San Francisco to spend the night in a hotel before flying out at 6:00 am for Miami. The night at the hotel was over and the next thing I know we had to board the plane for our five-hour flight to Miami. Today also is my daughter Susan’s birthday! I called her from the airport prior to our departure. It was fun to sing happy birthday to my baby girl. I think she really enjoys hearing my wonderful singing voice. We had a long layover in Miami before flying across the Atlantic Ocean and arriving in Madrid, Spain.

As usual the plane flight was okay, nothing to write home about. We flew across the Atlantic Ocean in the coach section of the airplane it sure is not the same as flying first class. This year I have lost all of my privileges with American Airlines. I am no longer executive platinum; at the time of this flight my level was just platinum. The next time we fly to Europe my level will just be gold. How sad for me. I wish I could have retained my executive platinum level and all of the perks that go with that level. We arrived in Spain, and went quickly through customs and soon we were off in our rental car. We were headed to a converted monastery. Yes, they made this monastery into a hotel. It is very beautiful and the room is very lovely. The towels are soft and fluffy. I am happy at this hotel.


We are still in Spain about three hours from the Madrid airport. Spain converted not only monasteries but other old world structures into current usable items. Some old world structures were converted into hotels that are called Paradors. The first Parador that we stayed at was the converted monastery. The hallway gardens and other common areas were beautiful and restful. To me, even the shadows on the floor or on the wall, paid tribute to Jesus Christ. As a hotel room our room was very large with a very modern bathroom. It was fascinating to view walls and floors mixed with modern items such as a unique lamp. The lamp was one of those small high-powered modern items. The chairs, table and nightstand would all be considered modern furniture. I found the mix of old world and modern very interesting.