Looking out of the window in our room on to the city was fascinating. The window was on the outside of the thick wall. In the city, there was a mix of old world and new. Some buildings were deteriorated and left to decay; others had fresh paint and laughing children. The scene outside the window was interesting and ever-changing. Marti decided it was time for her to take a walk. She left our room and went outside the hotel. I was a little tired and felt that it was time for me to take a shower, and refresh my body.

After a very restful night’s sleep, we awoke late in the morning. It was 10:30 AM and had we slept for 30 more minutes, we would have missed breakfast. The hotel served breakfast in the same room that in older times had been use to celebrate mass. The room was beautiful and the food was outstanding. Fresh rolls, sausage, cheese, pastry and of course lots of fresh fruit. Marty and I were the only guests enjoying this wonderful breakfast. A waiter was kind and volunteered to take a picture of Marty and I in this lovely setting. After completing our breakfast, packing and loading the car. We found ourselves on the road heading to a small village in a Portugal. The village was located in the wine country of Portugal. The drive took us a little over four hours to complete. Along the way we saw the beautiful countryside of both Spain and Portugal.

I was fascinated by the storks and their nests. I guess when these Storks are not delivering babies to humans. They are building enormous nests to raise their own children. The nests looked to be five or 6 feet in diameter and least 3 feet deep. The storks build the nests high on the tops of trees, buildings, churches or other items high in the sky. Along the way we saw multiple oak trees. These groves of oak trees produced bark that was used to make wine corks. The bark was and removed once every 10 years. The tree was then allowed to recover for the next 10 years. The area was very famous for producing wine corks.