Crossing Spain’s border we entered Portugal. At first there seemed to be little difference between Spain and Portugal. We drove through a few small villages on our way to our cottage in the wine country. On a paved road, surrounded by vineyards, we found the cut off to the village of our cottage. The cutoff was a dirt road in desperate need of repair. Our rental car bounced as I tried to avoid the larger potholes. After about 3 km, we entered the very small village. The village was a church surrounded by 20 or less houses. I was both confused and surprised and then we stumbled upon our cottage.

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What can I say! It was nothing like I had expected. No phone. No TV. No air-conditioner. No window screens to keep the bugs out. However, Marty pointed out that I should look on the bright side. This cottage was very much like a home for an average Portuguese person may have live inside. I was not so sure that any average Portuguese person lived in the cottage because the cottage had its own private swimming pool. I was sure it would not be considered a home for an average Portuguese person. Marty went on to explain that our vacation in this very small village and rustic cottage would allow us to soak up the culture of Portugal. Lucky me! I am going to be living in the culture of an average Portuguese person! I can only hope we never go on a vacation to a very rural and backward area to live the culture. Well, trying to look on the bright side. The swimming pool is beautiful. The fruit trees are lush and the view of the countryside is something very much worth some of my missing items. We had prepaid for this cottage so we unpacked and tried to settle down.