We chose to do a little sightseeing in the area and selected the Monsaraz Castle to be our first stop. The castle was very interesting with a magnificent view of the countryside. The castle walls and homes were made out of rock that look like petrified wood. We were both impressed with the design and the skill needed to produce such a castle. We stopped at a restaurant inside the castle and enjoyed a snack of cheese, olives, bread and sausage. We knew there were no restaurants in the village of our cottage. So if we were to eat, we would need to make it ourselves or leave our village and find a restaurant in another village. We continued our tour of the Monsaraz castle walking around the streets inside the castle walls. Inside the walls of this mid-evil city were homes and businesses. In fact, it was a city inside the castle. The city was much larger than the village of our vacation cottage. We continued sightseeing until we felt there was nothing left to see inside the Monsaraz Castle. Returned to the parked car and soon we were heading down the road, returning to the little village of our cottage.

As we approach the tiny village. I could see the happiness and Marty’s face. We had arrived at the cottage where we planned to spend the next week. Later that evening I tried to connect my iPad via the 3G network. You can imagine how disappointed I was to not be able to connect via my 3G network. I had purchased a special international 3G network plan and it was not working. Next I tried to use my cell phone. My phone did not work. The phone was on able to connect to any network. I realize that Marty and I were all alone without a method to communicate to our outside world. I was feeling a little less secure. I wondered what the rest of the week would be like.

We awoke the next day with most of the morning gone, we struggle to depart the ancient bed. I found myself caught inside the insect net. Once free from the net, I crawled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. This room was approximately 4′ x 4′. Inside the room were a shower, toilet and sink. I had to use the chest of drawers in the bedroom as a holder for my toilet items. I shaved and brushed my teeth. Squeezing into the shower, I began the process of cleaning my body. In order for me to do an acceptable job of cleaning my body, I found it necessary to occasionally stick one of my limbs outside the shower area. This was going to be an exciting week for me. Cleaned dressed and with car keys in hand, we left our cottage and were soon on the road to Evora.