Arriving at the city of Evora, we found a town that was completely surrounded by a very large wall. The wall was very thick and very high. It must have taken a very long time to build. Cars were not allowed inside the city of Evora, so we parked our rental car in an area reserved for buses and cars. Departing the rental car, we walked into the walled city of Evora. Pass the entrance to the city we saw Roman columns.  This was a reminder to us of the conquest of both Spain and Portugal by Rome over 2000 years ago. Our next stop was a small chapel inside the protective walls of the city. Some parts of the chapels’ floor had been removed and replaced with a clear Plexiglas viewing window. Looking through one of the windows in the floor, the first thing I noticed were the bones of human beings. There were stacks of long bones, and stacks of skulls, and they represented many human being. I noticed a sign and after reading the notice I discovered that the bones belonged to ancient monks that once worshiped at this chapel. Walking around the chapel, I discovered another Plexiglas viewing window. Beyond the window was a very deep cistern. Looking down the cistern was scary. To me it looked like you would fall at least 50 feet before hitting the surface of the water below. The water at the bottom of the cistern looked very cold and very, very deep. The cistern had been dug by the old inhabitants of the city. This cistern would provide a source of water should the city come under siege.

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After enjoying the sites of the small chapel we headed to the main church of Evora. This was the Evora Cathedral. We chose to take the grand tour. It started with a very long climb up to the roof of the Cathedral. We saw the giant bell tower and the main spire of the Cathedral. The view from the roof of the Cathedral of the surrounding countryside was magnificent. We spent a little more time than normal on the roof of the Cathedral. The view of the surrounding countryside was inspiring and breathtaking. There was more to see of the Cathedral, so we headed back down the stairs. On our way down the stairs, we ran into another group on their way up to the roof. I was amazed to notice that this new group was comprised of sight impaired individuals. I am sure that they enjoy their trip on the roof as much as I enjoyed my trip.