It was around two o’clock in the afternoon and I noticed that I was very hungry. We decided to head to the main square and select a nice place for our noon meal. We selected a clean and comfortable looking restaurant on the main square of the town of Evora. We were shown to a table and we order drinks and a small plate of olives, cheese and sausage for our hors d’oeuvres. This course was followed by our main lunch entrées. Marti had ordered a pork steak and I had ordered fish. The pork steak was very thin and had been cooked for a long time. I was sure a Portuguese cobbler would be happy to use that pork steak as a sole for shoes. My fish was cooked very dry and I discovered the chef had not removed all the scales. I became a lot less hungry than I was when I first entered this restaurant. I remember the discussion of Marti and I, all we hoped was that this is not the typical type of food we could expect in Portugal.

Departing the restaurant, we walked back to our car and started our journey back to our humble cottage. After such a disappointing lunch we decided to stop at some stores and pick up some food items that we could enjoy at the cottage. In addition to stopping at the store for food items we thought it would be nice to see if we could locate a charger for the camera battery. It seems that Marti discovered that I had forgotten to pack the camera charger. I felt very bad about this mistake. It meant that we would have to conserve photo taking on this trip. We stopped at multiple stores, but we could not find the correct camera charger. This made me feel even worse than the fish I tried to eat for lunch. I was sure that we would run out of battery soon and be unable to take any more photos. I was also sure that Marti was not happy with me because of this error on my part.