Unhappy about not being able to locate the camera charger, I needed to find something that would cheer me up. Stopping at a large grocery store we were able to secure some basic food items that we could prepare at the cottage. We may not be able to take photos for long, but at least we would not starve. We arrived back at the tiny village and I unpacked the rental car. I placed the food items inside the area reserved for cooking. This kitchenette area was comprised of a small refrigerator, a sink and a four burner surface range. I unpacked the food items from the bags and place them throughout the kitchen area. A little tired from sightseeing and frustrated from not being able to find a camera charger, I chose to sit and rest in the yard. Marti opened a bottle of wine and poured herself a glass of wine to enjoy as she sat outside. We sat and talked and just enjoyed the view from the yard. After relaxing for a while Marti asked if I would retrieve something from her purse. Wanting to make up for the mistake of not packing the camera charger, I entered the cottage, and began rummaging through her purse. I am sure you will never guess what I found in her purse. There it was our camera charger. In addition to the camera charger, I also discovered a pair of my reading glasses. I was so happy. Not only could we continue to take pictures, I could write in my computer and read the menus in the restaurants. I ran outside and showed Marti what I had discovered. I cannot describe the look on Marti’s face.  To me it was a mix of surprise, disbelief, and happiness. I took the battery out of the camera and placed it in the charger for the night.  We did not want to drive to another village to find a place just so we could eat dinner. So we choose to prepare and eat our dinner at the cottage.  Dinner was much better than lunch. We had fried potatoes, caramelized onions, Portuguese sausage, and eggs.

Marti went for a swim in the cottage pool, and I read my book. Later that evening we went to bed looking forward to tomorrow and another day of sightseeing.  We awoke early and after untangling ourselves from the insect net we bathed.  Refreshed we left the little cottage and the beautiful yard and private pool and we headed off to the city of Sintra.   On our drive to Sintra we discovered that a time difference of one hour exist between Spain and Portugal.  What luck not only did we awake early we now had an extra hour of touring and sightseeing available to us.  That truly added to our soon to be very busy day.