This city, Obidos, like other cities in Portugal has walls that enclose the entire town.  The size and depth of the walls astonished me. After touring the city of Obidos, Marti and I walked along the top of the wall surrounding the city. This stroll along the wall was both relaxing and scenic. We saw beautifully manicured backyards belonging to the current residents of Obidos. Again we saw new residences as well as abandon homes in various states of disarray. The city of Obidos has great charm with both Arabic and European Middle Ages influence. Again we had to park our car outside the city as vehicles were not allowed inside the city of Obidos. The streets were very narrow and most of the archways were way too small to allow a car to pass through. Our tour of the city would be on foot. Once inside the gate of the city, we felt as if we were in a village from medieval Europe. We enter and view many small shops within the city. These shops offered food, rugs, ceramics, and other items made in Portugal. We walked the narrow streets and explored small walk ways throughout the city. In addition to visiting the shops, we explore the two churches inside the city walls. We took many photos, and marveled at the beauty all around us.

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Marti and I were both hungry and we decided to try one more Portuguese restaurant before giving up. What luck, this town had a wonderful restaurant that not only prepared excellent entrées it provided outstanding service. In addition, the ambulance was relaxing and classical. The view from the balcony was both scenic and pleasant. Marti and I were so happy to have found such a nice restaurant in Portugal. Today we had toured two cities and had enjoyed a special meal. We were both a little tired so we headed to the car to drive back to our cottage. With my tummy full and happy I finally forgave Marti for booking us in the cottage.