After a wonderful night sleep, we awoke early and departed the village on our way to visit my cousin, Jan and her husband, Richard.  Jan and Richard enjoy Portugal so much that they have secured an apartment and plan to live in Portugal for the next five years.  We thought the drive would take us just over 90 minutes; however, shortly after three hours we arrived at Jan and Richards’s home. They have a beautiful apartment on the top floor of a small apartment complex. The apartment was beautifully decorated.  It seemed to me that the apartment along with the furnishings made me feel welcome.  It was a place to relax with friends.  I can see why Jan was successful at interior design. It had been some time since my last visit with my cousin Jan. Together, the four of us spent time getting acquainted. Because the drive took more time than expected, we were all hungry for lunch. Richard and Jan took us to one of their favorite restaurants for a late lunch.

The lunch crowd had already gone when we arrived at the restaurant.  We were quickly led to our table and handed menus.  The variety of items on the menu was surprising not only to me but to Marti as well.  Our waitress casually approached our table and greeted us with a curt greeting.  After taking our drink requests she headed to the kitchen to place our order.  Quickly she returned to our table and started informing us that only a few items remained available to order.  As good-natured as possible both Richard and I tried to bring a little humor into this waitress poor demeanor.  She informed us that three of the items we requested were no longer available.  She went on to explain that the owner of the restaurant contracts with various tour bus companies.  Today the restaurant was swamped by more tour busses than normal.  She was unhappy because in order for the restaurant to gain the business they must reduce their prices.  The part of the price reduction she disliked was the reduction of the waitress service tip.  She also did not like informing people that the kitchen was out of whatever the customer requested.  She felt that by informing guests that the items they requested were no longer available the guests would reduce her tip.  We were hungry so we let her know we would not hold her responsible.  Her demeanor changed and her service improved.  We were able to stop listening to her complaints of fairness and lunch on the items unselected by the bus loads of tourist.  This was a very memorable lunch.  I may not want to frequent this restaurant again but I sure want to enjoy Jan and Richard’s company.