With lunch completed we returned to the parking lot to enter the car.  Before entering the car we heard the sound of a large bird.  Looking around we stumbled upon some cages and inside the cage was a talking parrot.  We played with the parrot for a short time and then we entered the car and drove to the beach.  The beach was beautiful and behind us we saw a lighthouse that was still functioning. We took some photos just to remember both my cousin Jan and her husband Richard.  We took photos of the beach and the coast area.  The afternoon was passing away and knowing it would take three hours to return to the village of our cottage we soon departed.  It was sad to leave Jan and Richard, I wish that I had scheduled more time for our visit.  The return trip was long but just not as long as when we were driving to Jan and Richard’s home.  We arrived at the cottage and much to our surprise a neighbor welcomed us back.  She went on to state that she was worried that we may have gotten lost as it was late and we were not back yet.  This is one of the reasons I am not very comfortable in small towns or villages.

I was tired from all the driving the drive before and so Marti and I took it a little easy today. We took a short drive and revisited the Monsaraz Castle.  We had been told that we should return to the castle and visit a couple of shops we had missed on our first visit.  Then after visiting the shops we were going to drive down to the largest manmade lake in all of Europe.  We could see this lake from the southeast wall of the castle.  It was truly a giant lake as it was impossible to see all of the shoreline.  We were planning to eat lunch at a famous restaurant located on the bank of this giant manmade lake.  We drove down to the lake and after a couple of incorrect turns we stumbled on the restaurant.  It did not look very busy and on a close inspection it was not busy it was closed.  With the wrong turns and the discovery that the restaurant was closed our lunch time was slipping away.  We head back to a little town just before our small village and discover a little restaurant right in the town square.  This place turned out to be one of the better places we ate in Portugal.  The restaurant was named the two Cats.  The entrees were just as enjoyable as some of my more favorite restaurants in the States.  In addition to not just eating to maintain our energy, we were able enjoy dining.  In addition, to the discovery of this wonderful restaurant we were informed how to use the Internet.  The internet was offered free of charge to anyone within the town square area.  It was a wireless internet and very fast.  I opened my computer, connected and for the first time during our vacation sent e-mails.