With a full tummy and a newly loaded computer we returned to our humble home base (the cottage) and a very comfortable swim in our private pool. (Do not ask to see the photos; they are just for me to view only).  This was to be our last night in the very tiny village and our rustic cottage.  In addition to leaving our Portugal vacation base we will be departing the country of Portugal.  I will be sad to leave the country of Portugal but not sad about leaving the rustic little cottage in the wine country. We were happy to offer our current accommodations (the rustic Cottage) to my cousin, Jan, and her spouse, Richard, for a few days, and they accepted!  I am so proud that my girl, Marti, was willing to share. I only hope my cousin Jan and Richard enjoy their stay in our humble cottage in the very small town.  In order to maintain peace in the village, we talked to the kind lady who expressed her concern after we arrived late one night from visiting Jan and Richard.  I told her about our early departure and that Jan and Richard would be arriving later that same day and staying for the remaining nights.  With our plans communicated to the town I felt it was safe to leave the little village.

I awoke the next morning with a smile on my face and a very happy heart.  Our last night in the cottage was over.  Marti’s late afternoon swim in the private pool had been fun to watch.  All I needed to do this morning was pack the car and drive away from the rustic little cottage.  We were heading to another Parador!  Tonight I would be sleeping in a four star rated hotel!  Happy again, I just could not wait to sign into our new vacation spot.  Departing Portugal was not as difficult as you might think. No customs border no sign you just cross over.  Now as long as you stay in any EU country the need to display your passport as you enter or depart a member country is not required. I did get lost once driving the road to Spain (it was the navigators fault but she was able to reroute us quickly) but soon we were back on the right road to Spain. After a drive of about two hours we arrived in the city of Caceres, Spain.  We were a little hungry and a little tired.  We drove around the outside of the city trying to find the Parador or another place to spend the night.  We needed a room for the night and my only requirements were for soft and fluffy towels, a lack of insects inside the room, and rustic just would not work for me.  Oh what luck a Parador had a room available.  We quickly checked into the Parador hotel located in the very old part of the city.  As I learned early on this vacation a Parador hotel is a converted medieval structure such as a monastery, castle or some other type of old structure.  Paradors are wonderfully converted structures but if you are looking for a bellboy stop looking.  So John the burrow went into action and carried our luggage up to our second floor room.