Once inside the room and unencumbered by luggage I checked out the amenity’s. Surprise! There was a working TV, an air-conditioner that worked without opening the window, a real bed for sleeping without the need for a net, and the bathroom was big enough for two people at the same time.  Inside the bathroom were two soft terry cloth robes and a stack of soft and fluffy towels.  I was happy all over again.  In fact, as I looked around the room again I noticed that the room was about the same size as our humble cottage in Portugal.  The building was from the middle ages but the room was remodeled into a modern and convenient hotel room.

We were hungry so after my excitement waned Marti and I went out to find a restaurant to enjoy our lunch.  We were inside the walled city and after an initial exploration trip we soon found a small but quant restaurant.  Once inside we noticed that the lunch crowd had departed.  The restaurant was occupied by the owner/cook and his young daughter.  The owner requested that we sit down anywhere we like and informed us that he would be very happy to serve us our lunch.  He informed us that depending on what we ordered there may be a longer than normal wait.  We explained that we did not mind the wait so long the food was good.  We then asked him to recommend the two entries that in his opinion were his signature dishes.  He quickly suggested a crispy Duck and a special plate of prepared pork.  We quickly accepted his two suggestions and prepared to wait for our lunch to be prepared.  About twenty minutes after talking with the chief his wife entered the establishment.  She kissed her daughter and quickly entered the kitchen.  It seemed like she reappeared in just seconds and was at our table refreshing my ice tea and pouring a little more wine into Marti’s glass.  She introduced herself and informed us that she would be our server for the rest of our meal.