We waited about forty minutes for our lunch entries to arrive.  During the wait we ordered two appetizers to munch with our drinks.  The appetizers were excellent and all I could do was pray that the entries would be as good.  I saw her coming out of the corner of my eye and in her hands were our two entries.  She placed the plates in front of each of us and smiled.  She then started to leave as she said please enjoy your food.  The main course was much better than the appetizers.  First the presentation of the plate of food was so beautiful it seemed like a work of art.  It took me some time before I could take a bite off the plate.  I smelled the aroma drifting up from my plate it was so aromatic.  I began salivating and wanted to dive into my plate.  Before picking up my fork I noticed the other dish, there in front of Marti was her lunch.  She looked like the plate in front of her had just made her day.  That was when I noticed that she was looking over at my plate just as I was looking over at hers.  We both smiled knowing that we always share our meals with each other.  This sharing provides the two of us to be able to taste twice the amount of entries on each of our vacations.  I am sure that by now you know that we thought the food was not only excellent, well prepared, and presented as art.  The chef and his wife treated us with joy and happiness. I like this Spanish restaurant should I return to Spain I will return. We enjoyed a fantastic lunch in a leisure pace.  When finished we thanked each person and slowly walked back to our hotel.

We had a lot of time to explore the old city that was located inside the old walls.  With our map as a guide we walked around exploring the inter parts of an old Spanish town.  The old city is charming and makes you feel that you are in a medieval town.  With some streets wide, other streets are narrow and some paths are just wide enough for a single person to walk.  You also notice that nothing was done to level the land beneath your feet.  These early builders of the towns followed the contours of the land.  In a distance of less than 100 yards I found myself walking up and then down. My walk around the inside of this walled old city aided me in understanding the amazing beauty in something this old. We walked inside the old town and enjoyed our visit to a very old military museum.  We stopped by an old church but it was not open so we were unable to tour the inside.  Everywhere we walked we saw the strong influences of the Moore’s.  From the exterior architecture to the décor in the rooms you could feel the past presence of the Moore’s.  Prior to walking out of the old city, I spotted a dog tied to the entrance of a building.  He was a beagle and looked just like Bruce’s dog in San Jose, California.  I went over and petted the puppy.