Walking out of the old city of Caceres we walked down the steps into the modern city of Caceres.  As we entered the modern city’s main square we knew we had reached the modern heart of the city.  Yes, right there in the city’s main square was a McDonalds!  The square was so beautiful even with Mickey Dee’s inside the square.  It was a beautiful evening so we found a place in the square where we could sit down and enjoy some snacks to munch and wine to drink.  We spent the rest of the evening people watching.  I was happy and for the first time understood the importance of a town square.  The evening passed quickly and soon it was 10:00 pm and we decided to return to our hotel room for the night.

Our short stay in Caceres with its great food and lovely Parador accommodations was hard for us to leave.  We awoke the next morning and decided to head down to the Parador’s restaurant for a nice breakfast.  The dining area was very beautiful with a fantastic view outside the window of a lovely garden area.  We enjoyed our breakfast, took some photos, and explored the garden area prior to checking out of the hotel.  Because we left our cottage early we did not have anything scheduled or confirmed for our next few nights.  However, just as we arrived in Caceres without a reservation we felt confident that we could arrive today in Toleto, Spain and locate a place to stay for the night.  The drive from Caceres to Toleto was very peaceful and the landscape along the way was beautiful.

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We drove for almost three hours and saw just four cities.  It seems to me that Spain is not a very crowded country with a higher than normal amount of open space.  After arriving in the town of Toleto I was surprised by the size of the city.  It is a large city, with a lot of traffic on the roads and groups of people walking busy streets.  Driving past the newer sections of the city, we found ourselves entering the old city section of Toleto.  We stopped by two hotels just checking the availability and quality of the rooms. Both hotels had available rooms but they were just OK just not what we would want.  With both hotels having availability we discontinued our search for a room for now.  Instead we choose to wander around the old city and find someplace to enjoy lunch.  Into the tourist mode we went exploring by walking and visiting multiple gift shops. Selecting a gift is always a difficult task for me.  I think about the person the gift is intended for and try to select something they might pick if they were here.  It never works and I always in up picking something I like that I hope they will be happy to receive.  Marti on the other hand seems to do this with a good deal of understanding.  I am learning to rely on her judgment for this difficult process.  I also have noticed how much more happy my grandchildren seem to be when they receive a souvenir selected by Marti.

The weather was quickly changing and the sky was turning dark.  Soon large (really big ones) raindrops began to fall.  Marti and I tried to race back to our parked car.  We ran down one street turned left and before running down this street looked at each other.  I could see the look in her eyes; she had no idea where we were or where the car was parked.  Normally that was not a problem but today here on this street I too had no idea either.  We were lost.  We then began our humble search; we would walk down one street only to learn that we were still lost.  So we would head down another street and another trying to secure a positive direction.  We checked the map again and again and could not determine where we were or how to get to our car.  I could point on the map to where the car was parked but without knowing where we were left us guessing.  Lucky for us it was getting late and there he was, a street cleaner, working.  We asked him for help and he pointed us in the right direction.  Shortly after following his instructions as best we could, we discovered that we were lost again.  We approached another street cleaner and asked our questions. She was very clear in her directions and once again we were off. This time we went directly to our parked car.  We choose to leave the old city and head into the new city section.