Prior to my retirement I traveled a good deal for my Company.  When traveling for the Company it was my custom to stay at the Hilton Hotels.  I enjoyed the Hilton Hotels for their consistent quality and excellent service.  Marti prefers smaller boutique type hotels so we spend 90% of our time in the smaller boutique hotels and the reminder of time at my Hilton if possible.  We had made a reservation for the following night at a Hilton hotel located in the newer section of Toleto.  We had tried to book with the Parador in Toleto but they were full and unable to accommodate our request.  We arrived at the Hilton hotel and with a sad look explained our sad story.  My Hilton treated us as honored guests.  They made me much happier as they were able to move our reservation. We will be here for the next two days!  We went up to our room on the top floor, unpacked and stretched out on our first real king-size bed to rest.  Later we left the room for an exploratory trip around the hotel.  We saw it all, from the gardens to the ballrooms, the restaurants and the gift shops, an art gallery and an elegant sitting area.  We choose to have a drink and enjoy the gallery.  What fun we had and what a great way to relax.  Soon after a few drinks Marti was hungry.  I checked with the main restaurant and discovered that was crowded with a one hour wait. So we returned to our room and ordered room service.  Marti liked the fact that we did not need to dress and that the food arrived hot and fast.  After a wonderful dinner in our room Marti started reading and I watched television.  We went to sleep tired but awoke refreshed and ready to go.

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Today is the last day before we fly home.  We are planning to return to Toleto’s old city and visit some of the sites we missed because of the rain the day before.  Well after a very excellent breakfast (thank god for Hilton’s).  We were off again to the old city of Toledo.