We circled the old city walls looking for a better parking spot than the one from the day before.  We drove around and around and we soon found ourselves parking in the same place we parked the day before.  Trying to gain my bearings we headed straight to the giant cathedral inside the city walls.  After paying an entrance fee of twenty Euro’s we walked inside.  I was surprised to learn that if we had entered from another entrance we would not need to pay the entrance fee.  The cathedral was a big surprise for me.  It was magnificent.  Built during the dark ages the cathedral was breathtaking, it had many small cubby holes surrounding the main area.  In these cubby holes were altars, statues, meeting rooms, and rooms that led off to another part of the cathedral.  The main area of the cathedral had beautiful stain glass windows on the outer walls.  Inside the cathedral was a marvel to enjoy. It was so large that it had a giant altar and just opposite was an area that the clergy used to attend mass.  Moving away from the altar I found myself admiring the works of art placed inside the cathedral.  Statues, paintings, alter items, as well as the church organ all glowed with both beauty and wonder. The beauty of the cathedral held both Marti and I spellbound and we ended up spending more time inside the cathedral than we planned.

Departing the cathedral we found ourselves again walking the old streets, alleys and squares.  On occasions we would stop at shops and look for unique souvenir items.  Time passed and I was getting hungry so we decided to return to the car and head outside the old city to the Parador for lunch.  We were going to enjoy our lunch at the Parador that was unable to accommodate us yesterday. As I turned to return to the car it struck me, we were lost again.  I had no idea where we were in this old city.  Lucky for me I drew on the lesson learned yesterday and started asking for help.  Still lost but with a kind persons bearings we headed down the pathway.  Trying to shorten the amount of time we are lost I continued to ask for help and direction.  Quickly we were back on the right path and inside our car.

Driving out of the old city we were on our way to the Parador hotel for our lunch break.  The drive to the Parador was very scenic.  The road to the Parador was on the side of a hill.  Below the hill was the river and across the river was the city of Toleto.  Each turn of the road put the beauty of the city in front of our eyes.  It was so beautiful we decided to stop and take some photos.  This made us late for our lunch as we continued to stop along the way just to soak in the beauty.  Lucky for us the Parador’s lunch was served on the patio.  The patio sat on the side of the hill overlooking the city of Toleto and river.  What a scenic and beautiful way to end our last vacation day.

After lunch we returned to the Hilton hotel for our last night in Spain.  We had a special dinner planned and we were ready to party.  Some of the people at the Hilton hotel were from the Ferrari automobile factory so it was important that I parked my car carefully.  We had a wonderful evening with just the two of us and the following morning we departed for the Madrid Airport.  It was sad to be leaving but sometimes I think that is what makes vacations so special.  They cannot go on forever, they must end.

I am sure that Spain will be one of the countries I visit more than just once.