After visiting and catching up with the family, the seven of us started to head out to a restaurant in order to celebrate Braylin’s birthday.  Before departing Braylin wanted to show me her birthday gift Willa.  Willa is an Interactive Toy.  It is soft, mild, and a funny toy.  I could see that it was becoming Braylin’s best friend.  Willa is a robotic friend for little girls.  The toy is cute because it has a high quality voice recognition system.  Another thing that I liked about Willa is that it is safe for children. It is a very smooth and soft toy.  After spending some time with Willa we departed Deborah’s home and headed to the restaurant for lunch.  We had a good time at lunch and everybody left the table full and laughing.  I think Braylin enjoyed her special birthday lunch with all of us.

We were now on our way to Auburn California, home to my sister Maryanne and her husband Bill.  My sister Maryanne is the oldest sibling in our family.  She was born before my Dad was assigned to a Naval Base located in the Pacific Ocean.  She was blessed with three boys who have grown into fine men.  Each of her three men has children of their own and a few grandchildren. Our visit was very pleasant as we talked and discussed various subjects.  Brian and his son stopped by to visit his mother while we were still visiting.  Brian is the youngest man of Maryanne’s three children.  His visit was a pleasant surprise for Marti and me.  We continued talking about various subjects and you could see that everyone was enjoying the visit.  Time passed and soon Brian had to depart and return home.  Marti and I took this opportunity to end our visit as well.  We were still a little ahead of our planned schedule so we did not have to rush

We said our goodbye’s and started our drive to Lincoln California, home to my other sister Jessica and her husband David.  Jessica is the youngest child in our family.  She was born after my mom and dad moved into their home just after the end of World War II.  Jessica and David had three children two boys and a daughter.  All three have families of their own as well as children.  Our visit with Jessica and David went well as we found ourselves again talking and covering various subjects.  We have been invited up to Jessica and David’s cabin located in the Serra Nevada Mountains.  The cabin is very special as it was a joint venture by Jessica and David and my mom and dad.  We talked about some things we could enjoy during our trip to the cabin.  During the visit two of Jessica and David’s children along with their families stopped by and joined the get together.  I enjoyed seeing David, Dayan, and the baby.  Jenny and her family joined the visit and we continued talking.  Jenny brought up the need for me to have a proof reader for my blog.  Jenny went on to ask me if I just published whatever I wrote or if I proofed it myself.  I thanked her for reading my blog, explained that I proof read my writing twice.  Jenny just smiled at my response. I just love Jenny so much.  She and her family spent time at our house in Aptos California and they are planning to return.  David and Dayan are planning to stop by our home on their way to Monterey California.  I will have a chance to enjoy their company again.