We stopped and parked in Murphy California and browsed the main street with its multiple shops.  We purchased some candy for later that evening and enjoyed the other unique items discovered in the shops.  The time was approaching half pass twelve as we arrived at the restaurant Alchemy.  We entered and were quickly seated at a table.  No sooner had we ordered our drinks when Jess and David entered.  They joined us at our table and we reviewed the menu for our lunch.  We all ordered and then talked and laughed until our lunch arrived. Well I have to let you know.  I was not expecting something great for lunch because we were in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and this year the snow is not very good.  Without snow visitors become sparse and the owners try to improve profits by reducing cost and waste.

With that in my mind I ordered a hamburger, David ordered the special of the day a chicken quesadilla, and both of the girls ordered a pizza with artichoke and chicken.  With the arrival of our lunch my fears were set aside and I could see and smell the quality of the food.  As we all started to enjoy our lunch you could see the satisfaction on our faces.  The food not only looked and smelled great it was a joy to our taste buds. We ate our lunch and shared bites with each other.  Happy and full we left Murphy’s for the last leg of our journey to the Swanson Family Cabin in the Blue Lake Springs Area of Arnold.

We arrived at the cabin and my memory jumped into hyper drive.  I started to remember so much about the cabin.  Just to let you know, the lot in Blue Lake Springs was owned by David’s father.  It was just a lot without any improvements when David approached his father and asked to purchase the lot.  They came to an agreement and the lot ownership transferred to David and Jessica.  A little later in that same year David and Jessica were talking to Mom and Dad about the lot and their plans to build a cabin.  In that conversation Frank and Rose Giudicessi (Dad and Mom) explained that building a cabin was a dream they shared.  The more they talked the more it sounded like this could be a joint venture with Mom and Dad and David and Jessica.  Together David and Dad built the cabin on the lot in Blue Lake Springs located in the city of Arnold.  The cabin was completed in 1979 just a little over one year after the discussion occurred.  David, Jessica, Frank and Rose dream of a cabin became a reality for all to enjoy.

The cabin has a deck that borders two sides of the cabin.  The exterior of the cabin has a rustic look that fits well into its surrounding of forest trees.  Entering the cabin you first see a small room with hooks, a small bench, a washer and dryer.  If it was cold with snow on the ground you would hang up your heavy coat, remove your boots and depart the small room.  As you enter the home dry and warm you walk through the kitchen area.  Next is a beautiful dining area.  The family area has a timberline wood stove and a wonderful entertainment center.  Two bedrooms and a bathroom complete the first floor of the cabin.  The second floor contains a storage area, bathroom, two bedrooms, and a rumpus room for the children.  The inside of the cabin is anything but rustic.

Dad and David did a wonderful job building this cabin in the woods.  There were a few times when my father and I went to the cabin.  Anytime dad was at the cabin he always had some kind of task or project that he wanted to work on or complete.  Mom on the other hand just enjoyed cleaning and rearranging items inside the cabin.  Her most favorite times were spring and fall.  Fall was her special time and she would walk down the road and view the trees with their fall colors.  Mon always loved the way the leaves on the trees change colors.  She always felt that the trees in Iowa looked much more beautiful than the trees in Arnold during the fall months.  After taking my trip to the northeast United States in the fall of 2011 proved to me that my mother’s feeling about the leaves were correct.