Today is Marti’s birthday. She is now one day older than yesterday.  We are planning to visit the Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  We had our choice of the following trails after we arrived: The North Grove Trail, the Three Senses Trail, Grove Overlook Trail, and the River Trail.  We choose the North Grove Trail and it was beautiful.  As soon as I approached the Big Stump my minds memory flashed back to a time when I walked this trail with my mother.  It was a long time ago but my mind was playing tricks with me.  I could see my mother walking ahead of me turning and telling me to hurry and catch up with her.  I am surprised at how much the Trail has not changed but I know that it was a long time ago that I walked with my mom.  It is a pleasant memory and for a short time I am back in time walking with mom.

Marti and I talk and walk the North Grove Trail.  Along the way we stop and take photos.  We see the giant sequoias and are impressed not just by the size of the trees but their beauty and majestic stature. We walk, talk and read about the trees and the forest that is all around.  There are not only the giant sequoias, but a mix of trees made up the conifer forest.  We see Sugar Pine, Pacific Yew, White Fir, Incense Cedar and lots of Ponderosa Pine trees.  We notice the Mountain Dogwood and Hazelnut bushes that provide food for the squirrels and chipmunks.

It is much too difficult to view the tops of the giant sequoias. But due to storms branches the size of normal trees can be seen where they have fallen to the ground.  As we walk we see the effects of a resent storm.  The forest floor is littered with pine cones, branches, twigs and other forest litter that lies where it fell during the storm.  We see areas where the sun cannot reach and snow still sits from the only snow fall earlier this year.

We complete the walk seeing twenty-five of the twenty-six sites. This was because we took a short cut and missed number sixteen.  We leave the park and drive up to the small city of Dorrington California.  We u-turn and head back to Arnold.  I want to find a WiFi area where I can hook up to the internet and download my e-mail.  I also need to send a few e-mail messages.  We find a small local coffee shop and order hot chocolate and two sandwiches.  After connecting and eating we return to the cabin and the company of David and Jessica.  Relaxing inside the cabin we talk and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings.  We are comfortable with each other and there is no need to entertain each other.


Posted 3/1/2012