At the request of my children and my nephew’s and niece’s I am going to tell some stories about growing up in the Giudicessi Family home.  It is my opinion that these stories must be told before my mind starts to wander or become fuddled with random thoughts. This story will take a few days to complete but I am sure you will want to remember it for all times.  Let me know how much you enjoy my stories.

Your Non and Pops my Mother and Father.

Long before the two people you know as Non and Pops, I knew them as mom and dad.  Yes, I was there before most of you.  There was only one person ahead of me, Maryanne.  However, soon after her birth she spent most of her time at my grandfather and grandmother Federico’s home.  Just like all the other big sisters in the world she was a pain for her much younger brother, John.  Well back to my story about my mother and father.  You should know that in the beginning they were not as perfect as they were to their grandchildren.

They were mellowed over the years just like great wine.  This mellowing did not occur in a small oak barrel, it occurred a little each day over twenty-seven years trying to mature their oldest boy child.  Yes it was your uncle John who blazed a path that provided the necessary trials that changed your Non and Pops into such wonderful people.  Please do not get me wrong, my mom and dad were really good people but to be great you must be tested by fire.  I was the flame heck sometimes I was the furnace in the life of my parents.  Oh yes my sister Maryanne was so busy communicating the stories the teachers wanted her to tell my parents that she had no time to be bad.

I could relate many little stories about me growing up that tested my loving parents.  However, I will just limit it to a few to save time.  I can recall the time, prior to my entering grammar school, when I was behaving like any normal four year old boy and my mother was talking with her mother and sister.  My mom asked me to sit down and to be quiet.  I did, and after thirty or forty seconds went back to my normal behavior.  This continued for some time and the more it continued the more my actions annoyed my mother.  In desperation she chased me from the living room to my bedroom where I was to stay until her guests leave.  That was a fate I could not suffer so I started to cry and scream.  Lucky for me my aunt came to my rescue.  She asked my mother to stop beating me because all she could hear were my screams.  My mother who had not laid a hand or for that matter had not even touched me just looked at her sister and said “I have not touched him yet, but just wait until you leave”.  Well both my grandmother and my aunt left and my mom did not hit me.  This event helped your Non to learn patience.