Another time, when I was in grammar school, I choose to run away from my school.  I left the school grounds and tried to find my father, your Pops.  Yes I was in some kind of trouble at school and in fact I was sent to the principal’s office when this thought of running away popped into my head.  So before going to the principal’s office, I left school.  I do not know how long it took me to walk around but somehow I found my dad’s car.  I got into the car to wait for him.  I soon fell asleep and was awaken by my dad.  He explained that the school had called my mom, stating that they did not know where I was and that they were looking for me but that I may have left the school grounds.  My mom then called my dad and she was very worried and wanted my dad to stop working and find her son.  My dad called mom and explained that he had found me and that we were on our way home.  On the drive home I tried my best to explain why I choose to run away from school and my dad listened and only asked questions that helped me explain better.  Soon we were home and my mother flew out the door and picked me up out of the car.  She was telling me how worried she was about me running away.  Next thing I knew she wanted to punish me for running away.  I was then sent to my room and my mom and dad talked about the incident.  Later my dad talked to me some more and explained what I had done that was so bad.  I promised never to run away from school again and I kept my word.  I am sure that this little episode not only changed both of my parent’s life.  It also taught them the understanding that no matter how bad it may sound a bad penny is never lost for long and it always comes back.

Oh yes there was the time when my mom sent me to my room to wait until my father got home.  I knew I was in big trouble because I knew what I had done.  However, in my mind if only I could get to my father first then it would not be so bad because it would be my side of the story he first heard.  This started my escapes from my room so I could run down the street to wait for my dad.  When I saw his car I would flag him down, jump in the car, and start telling him my side of the story.  Again he would listen and when we arrived home I would go into my bedroom and wait.  Later he would come into my room and tell me what I had done wrong and what punishment went with the infraction.  I soon learned that this escape and wait program did not work as I was also being punished for escaping.  It took time but this too helped my father to listen (without laughter) and not be distracted by silly excuses.