My father learned to motivate young people from this event in our lives.  Trying hard to remember I think that I needed some type of project for either the cub scouts or for school.  I choose to show how a light bulb works.  Out into my fathers’ workshop I went ready to build my project.  I had a book that showed how me how to set up the AC source, the light and a switch that would enable me to turn the light on and off.  My dad’s workshop had everything I needed for this project.  Soon I had mounted a light fixture and the switch to a board that was large enough for me to include notes about the flow of electricity.  I attached my notes and felt that this project was almost complete; all that was left was to wire everything together.  Slowly and very carefully I followed the diagram in the book.  I started with the plug for the AC power source (the receptacle) by attaching two wires directly to the plug.  I then took one of the wires to the switch, and created the necessary break in the circuit that would allow me to turn the light on and off.  This wire was cut and I attached both to the switch.  I continued with this wire until I reached the light fixture.  I was more than half way done with the project and was very proud that everything was going so well.  All that was needed for me to complete the circuit was a final wire from the plug to the light fixture.  I had already connected a wire to the plug so I took that wire directly to the light fixture.  The project was complete but just to be sure I checked everything using my book as the guide.  It was totally correct, I was happy the project was complete.  It was right about now that I decided to test it once more by plugging it into the AC source and test the switch.  I plugged my project into the receptacle.  With a flash of blue light, followed by darkness, and then I saw the notes on my project had begun to burn.  I was scared so I turned and started to run out of the workshop.  I ran right into my father who was running into the workshop.

Dad saw what was happening and soon had his workshop back the way it should have been.  My project was burnt and just sitting on the workbench.  With a concerned look my dad asked what had happened.  I explained about my project.  I showed him my book.  I told him that I checked everything and it was correct.  I just did not know what made my project try to burn down the workshop.  He looked at my project and quickly informed me that I needed to use insulated wire not bare wire.  With a smile he then told me that god made some people talented with their hands and other people are talented with their brain.  He went on to say that he felt God may have put my talent in my mind and maybe I should plan to go to college and use my mind instead of my hands.  I am happy to say that after multiple incidents where I tried to use my hands I realized my father was right.  I went to college and after college attended graduate school and was successful in business.  This taught my father the art of motivating someone into a viable career.

I just want all of you to know how hard I worked to mold your Non and Pops into such wonderful people.  I think that is why it took me twenty-seven years to finally grow up and mature.  I could do it all over once more so long as I could start with two wonderful people just like your Non and Pops.  I sure do miss my mom and dad lots.