There is one thing that my mother and father did for me that made me always feel extra special throughout my youth.  The thing they did was to ask Babe Mayo to be my God Mother.  Lucky for me Babe Mayo accepted and my young life benefited each year.  Babe Mayo was a friend of my mother’s family.  She was not a relative to my mother or my father.  She was just a perfect God Mother.

Babe would visit with my mother and me during my early years.  It is impossible for me to remember her visits before my sixth birthday but she shared photos with her and me taken during my early years.  I do remember her visits starting with my sixth birthday.  She was a beautiful woman.  She was always dressed very nice and her hair was never out-of-place.  She smelled of flowers and always had a big hug and kiss for me.

Whenever she would visit I would run into her arms for my hug and kisses.  I was always happy to see my God Mother.  My brother and my two sisters had God Parents but in my opinion my God Mother was the best God Mother for me.  She never yelled at me nor did she ever punish me she just loved me and showed it to me all the time.  I always felt so special and I even felt better than my brother and sisters because Mom and Dad picked Babe Mayo to be just my God Mother.

Babe lived with her mother and father just a short distance from our home.  I remember playing at Babe’s home.  The Mayo’s lived on a corner.  The section of the home closes to the corner was a small neighborhood grocery store.  It was called Mayo’s Market.  Inside the store was a variety of package and can good items plus a meat market and a produce area.  At the front of the store right by the cash register was a counter of penny candy.  It was beautiful when filled with all the special candy; as time moved forward the candy counter became void of penny candy items replaced by nickel candy bars.

Behind the cash register was a very narrow stairway.  At the top of the short stairway was a very narrow door that provided entry into the Mayo’s house.  The inside of the Mayo’s home was exquisite to this young boys mind.  Grandma Mayo, Babe’s mother, always had a beautiful smile when I walked into her home.  In addition to her smile, and just like magic from out of nowhere was my milk and cookies.  She always gave me a hug and homemade Italian cookies.  Life was always good at the Mayo’s home.

With my tummy filled by my snack of milk and cookies I could exit the house and play in the Mayo’s backyard.  The yard and garden had hiding places, a play house, and a tree to climb.  It was a beautiful yard and I always enjoyed the time spent visiting my God Mother Babe.  Today, I love my memories of my wonderful God Mother.