Jessica (The Peanut)

Jessica (The Peanut)

I thought it was time for me to tell you about my baby sister Jessica.  She was also known as “Daddy’s little Peanut”.  As the youngest child of the family she could do no wrong, this was the thought of both my mother and father.  Her siblings knew her better.  She held a special place in dad’s heart and that allowed her many special privileges.  It was true that should one of her brothers or even her sister break a house rule, she was off to tattle to our parents.  Oh the joy of being the youngest child, and a girl, into this family of six.

Just to give you a little idea of what it was like let me tell you this story.  Once we were all playing a board game, called Monopoly.  The game was going well with me having the most money, homes, hotels and property (of course).  Mari Anne was always too busy talking instead of pay attention to the game so she was in jail.  Sam was just bored so he did not care about the game and most of his money was gone from just paying rent.  It was my turn and based on the roll of the dice, I landed on “Community Chest”.  I went to pick up my card from the stack of cards when Jessica (Daddy’s little peanut) accused me of cheating.

What can I say?  I was not cheating.  I was just the best Monopoly player in the house.  With just a little luck and the skill of a Donald Trump I could trounce my brother and two sisters in this board game.  I was not only the young Italian Prince; I was the Prince of Monopoly.  How could my baby sister (Daddy’s little peanut) even think that I needed to cheat when playing with my siblings.

Well off she went to tell mom that I was cheating.  With that the game was over.  Mom said that if we could not play nice then we could not play.  So the game was over and who had to put the game away? Of course it was me, the one child who was always cleaning up after his brother and two sisters.  There right behind mom was baby sister Jessica with a smirkey smile.  Oh the injustice her brothers and sister needed to share.

On another time the rain was falling and we could not play outside.  We decided to watch TV.  Mari Anne, the oldest was sitting in a chair and the rest of us were sitting on the floor.  Sam and I wanted to watch a cowboy program and Jessica wanted to watch something else.  We decided to take a vote.  Just then the phone rang and Mari Anne was out of the chair, out of the room, and out of the vote.  The vote was two to one.  We were going to see the cowboy show.  Jessica started to cry and left the room heading straight to mom.

With the arrival of mom the cowboy show was turned off and we were all sent to our rooms.  Mom’s rule was simple.  If we cannot watch TV nice we just cannot watch TV.  These are just two early memories of my darling baby sister Jessica, aka “the Peanut”.