My oldest sister Mari Anne spent her youngest days spoiled by her grandparents Sam and Jessie.  Our father was serving in the Navy, and our mother was helping our Uncle Charley at the shoe repair shop.  I was still just a dream in the minds of our parents.  Mari Anne on the other hand was receiving lots of love from Grandma Jessie and Papa Sam.  During this time Mari Anne learned a great deal of the Italian language from her grandparents.

Well enough about Mari Anne’s early years… who cares.  Once my father returned from serving in the Navy my mother quit working at the shoe repair shop.  It was now time for my parents along with their young daughter Mari Anne to restart their family life.  Soon after this family was united a miracle occurred.  My mother told my dad that another family member was on the way.  Mari Anne was no longer going to hold the only child status.  Not only was she to lose her one and only status, she would be converted into a baby sitter for her wonderful brother the first-born Italian boy born into the family, me.

Life for me was great for my first year of life.  My mother treated me as the prince of the family.  My father looked at me and saw that his dream had arrived.  Mari Anne was delegated to her room and learned the meaning of “speak just when spoken too”.  I was royalty and I had nothing but a wonderful life ahead of me.  Then without notice my world changed.  Mom was way too busy with my younger brother Sammy who was born with a tiny breathing problem.  I was delegated to the baby sitter, my sister Mari Anne.  She yanked the golden spoon out of my mouth and my life quickly changed forever.

I remember her taking me into the closet and telling me scary stories.  These stories were so scary that for most of my life I believe that if my hands or feet hang off my bed a giant crocodile that waits under my bed will bite the dangling part of my body off.  Mari Anne just loved to scare me as much as possible.  Not only did she tell me scary stories she is the one who told me about the giant crocodile under my bed.  Even now there are times when I awake at night thinking about the crocodile under my bed.

As I grow older and started to attend grammar school my teachers would inform Mari Anne of my minor discrepancies.  Mari Anne would go directly home and tell my mother everything the teacher told her.  In fact, she would embellish the story on my event at school in much the same manner she embellished the scary stories she told to scare me.  Mom never seemed to ask me for my side of the event.  I would just be sent to my room until my father came home from work.  As I sat on my bed waiting for my father Mari Anne was just outside my room laughing.

I guess I was lucky to have my older sister Mari Anne.  Without her help my mother and father would not have known about my minor mistakes attending school.  Lucky for me high school was a boy’s school so Mari Anne could not attend and report back to mom and dad about any mistake made by me.

I have a lot of stories about my oldest sister Mari Anne.  Keep reading my blog and I am sure a few more stories will be shared.