Thanks for your comments!
I was surprised by the number of comments and the calls I received about my blogs related to my Grandma Jessie (my Dolly).  Your actions jogged my memory enough to help me to remember more and more about my wonderful Grandmother.  So just to let you know it is a good idea to comment on my blog or call me.  So based on my memories that have been jogged here is another little story.
One day, I was driving home from school with a few of my friends in my car when I passed my Grandma Jessie’s house.  I glanced over at the house and much to my surprise I saw my Grandma Jessie in her black dress standing on the roof of the garage!  Of course I had to stop my car and find out what was going on at my Dolly’s house.
Applying the brakes a little too quickly and a little too firmly I skidded to a stop.  Normally I was the best car driver in my family but today my driving skills departed me as I was concerned about the safety of my Grandmother. Placing the car in reverse I quickly backed up to my Grandma’s house.
I was out of my car and running into her backyard as I was yelling up to my Grandma Jessie.

What are you doing? Are you ok? Why are you on the roof? Do you know how dangerous it is to be on the roof? How did you get on the roof? It’s not safe please come down please!

Speaking to me in Italian she said, “Johnny, calm down, relax, stop yelling, all I am doing is picking the figs, there is nothing for you to worry about”.

I responded in English and said, “Grandma, I will pick the figs for you.  You do not need to pick the figs, I can pick the figs”.

Dolly responded in Italian saying, “No, no, Johnny you need to go to school”.

I responded in English, “School is over. I can pick the figs for you. Please get off the roof and let me pick the figs”.

At this point she agreed and left the roof for the backyard.  I climbed up the latter along with one of my school friends and we began picking figs.  With Grandma Jessie on the ground directing us to the figs we picked figs for about one hour.  Another school friend would bring the picked figs down the latter to Grandma Jessie and she sorted the figs.  We picked so many figs that my Grandma wanted to give some away.

She offered some figs to me and my friends but I was the only person to accept.  Then she wanted to take some figs to her neighbors so we helped for a time but soon it was time to be home.  I thanked her for the figs and reminded her that I will pick her figs and that she will not go on the roof anymore.  Of course she said yes but I knew that she would do what she wanted.  I had no choice I had to go home and tell my mother.  I felt terrible my Grandma’s Italian prince had to squeal on his Dolly.