I am starting my trip to Italy this Saturday.  Marti and I will be departing the San Francisco Airport (SFO) heading for a brief layover at the Chicago Airport (ORD) before arriving at the Rome Airport (F).  After clearing Italian customs we will head to the Avis Rental Car lot and pick up our rental car.  Now with my rental car and hopefully our entire packed luggage, we will drive to the Airport Hilton Hotel for a restful one night stay.  It is at this Hilton Hotel where we are scheduled to meet with my Uncle Charles and Ginger.

On the next day our drive from the Rome Airport to southern Italy begins.  We will be visiting small villages, cities and points of interest along the way.  I am planning to post photos on my new Blog that was created just for this trip.  I hope you will visit my new blog and see the photos that will be posted as close to the time they were taken as possible.  The blog can be viewed at:


I have named this blog, Italy Land of my Grandparents by John and Marti. It will be here that I plan to explain about why this trip is so special for me.  You will learn how I was able to walk the same earth that all four of my Grandparents walked during their early years.  I am planning to visit the city of Terravecchia.  It is from that city that I understand all of my Grandparents emigrated from when they choose to depart Italy.  Terravecchia, is located in the country of Italy, Region of Calabria, Province of Cosenza.  Terravecchia is a small city with just 413 families, resulting in a total population of 856 people of which 423 are male and 433 are female.

I hope to visit two main places in Terravecchia the church, and the grave yard.  The church according to the internet is named, St. Peter of Vincoli, and it is the only Catholic Church in the city.  I hope to find a grave yard and plan to look for headstones with the names of my relatives.  This family chart may help you to see the purpose of this trip.

Family chart.

My Grandpa Sam and Grandma Jessie (the F Family)

Both of my mother’s parents came from Terravecchia

Had seven Children




Charles – My Uncle who will accompany me on this journey.

James – married Grace; My Uncle Jim and Aunt Grace

Rose – married Frank; My father and mother


My Grandpa John and Grandma Mary (the G Family)

Both of my father’s parents came from Terravecchia

Had three Children

Frank – married Rose; My father and mother

Grace – married Jim; My Uncle Jim and Aunt Grace


My Uncle Jim and Aunt Grace (an F family)

Had four Children

Anna Jean




My dad Frank and my mom Rose (a G family)

Had four Children


John       This is Me!  (the Italian Prince)



Stay tuned at the new web site for photos and more information as I gather the data…….