In the middle of the night at around midnight my wonderful Aunt Grace departed this world and went straight to our Lord and God in Heaven.  I am sad at her passing for she was a very special person in my life.  Aunt Grace will be in my mind just as she has always been in my mind throughout my life.  My Aunt Grace was the most wonderful lady, a gentle wife, a most loving mother, an outstanding grandmother and great grandmother, and for me and her numerous nephews and nieces the most special Aunt.

Aunt Grace Federico my lovely Lady

I remember so many things about my Aunt Grace:

  • I think about her way of showing her love for you and her love for others
  • Her way of showing everyone respect
  • Her love of God
  • Her love of all of her family, from her Mom and Dad, to her brothers, to her husband Jim, to her in-laws, her children, her children’s children, her grandchildren’s children, her cousins
  • Her love of the special people who touched her life
  • Her way of guiding others away from the wrong path
  • Her skill in raising children, no matter who’s children they were
  • Her understanding of the difficult decisions young people must face and her skill to guide
  • How much she cared and understood the loss of someones loved one and how it felt by others
  • Her ability to offer a helping hand just when needed and just the right hand
  • Her skill to make her house a home not just for her family but for her extended family
  • Her skill to create a meal into a feast, I loved her cooking skills
  • To me she was as solid as a rock yet as gentile as a breeze.

    Aunt Grace Federico a Lady

I for one will truly miss my Aunt Grace and the wonderful expressions of her love

  • I can see her face light up when I would visit her home
  • I could her the excitement in her voice when I would call her from other places in the world
  • I could see the hurt in her eyes when I was in pain
  • I will miss our talks from a young boy, to a young man, to a man, and a lost old man
  • I will miss her hugs and kisses
  • I will miss her calling me Johnny

    My Aunt Grace

I will always love my Aunt Grace.