It is my Watch now!



Again, I was at home and waiting for my watch to appear. Again items and packages arrived to the house but these items were not my wrist watch. I counted the number of days (three days) it took the first time for Macy’s to ship me the wrong watch. Now I counted the same number of days and waited for the third day so I could check out what arrives on that day. Oh if only you could experience my disappointment when the wrist watch failed to be delivered on that day. I continued to wait pacing, worrying, and wondering when my wrist watch would arrive. Marti suggested that I stop fretting and just let it arrive “whenever”. How could I do that? I was waiting for the watch of my dreams. After an additional three days my watch arrived (darn weekends). I was so happy in fact ecstatic may be the better word. I opened the box quickly and checked to make sure they shipped the right man’s wrist watch. It was the right watch! Marti came home. I showed her the watch. She was happy to see that it was here.

Then she took the watch and the box and left the room. Surprised I asked what she was doing. She told me that it was a gift for Christmas and that I would have to wait until Christmas day. I was crushed and again I was waiting for another day. I waited and I waited. I waited for Christmas day. It seems so far, far away, but I waited.

The day before Christmas is Christmas Eve. I had an idea. I explained to Marti about a custom that we had at my home when I was just a young boy. I told her how we were able to select one present an open it on Christmas Eve. We were only able to open one present on Christmas Eve, the rest of the presents would have to wait until Christmas day. Marti said that she had a very similar tradition. I became very excited I was going to get my watch on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day. However, Marti went on to explain that in her tradition everyone could open just one special Christmas gift.  That gift was always a new pair of pajamas to be worn Christmas Eve so when everyone awoke Christmas day they would be dressed in a new set of Christmas Pajamas. Photos could be taken as everyone opened their gifts. Darn it seemed to me that I was going to need to wait until Christmas Day. I was disappointed again. It looked like I had to wait two days instead of just one day for my watch. They were the longest two days as I waited for my watch to reappear.

Christmas day finally arrived and with it came my wrist watch my Hugo Boss rose gold faced watch. I was excited. I tore open the package and took my watch out of the box. I placed it on my wrist. It was finely mine. I showed everyone my wristwatch my beautiful Hugo Boss watch. I showed them the sparkly rose gold face the rich embossed leather band. I showed them how to work the stopwatch. I was ever so happy.

Macy’s Helps

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I was crushed and disappointed inside the box was not my watch, not my Hugo Boss rose gold colored watch but a woman wrist watch. It wasn’t even a Hugo Boss woman’s wrist watch it was just a small faced woman’s wrist watch that was so small I could hardly see it. I was very, very disappointed.

The next day I took the woman’s watch to Macy’s in Capitola, California. I explained what had occurred and was surprised to find a saleslady at Macy’s who was so helpful that she was able to return the woman’s watch and re-order my Hugo boss watch so that all I had to was return home and start the long waiting process all over again. I thanked the sales clerk. I was so grateful that I went home and wrote a letter to Macy’s. In a letter I thanked Macy’s and the wonderful sales persons.

The Letter to Macy’s

I went to the Macy’s Store in Capitola and asked a Macy’s store clerk by the name of Emmele (woman’s section) where I could find customer service.  She informed me that anyone working a cash register could assist me. In fact, she went on to state that she would be happy to help me.  I explained the problem about the wrist watch. She solved my problem.  She was wonderful.  She called the watch department in the Capitola store, and then called the other store, and the next thing I knew the problem was gone and my account was credited.  I was a very Happy customer.  She restored my faith in Macy’s.

A few days later my order arrived at my house.  I was very happy!  I would have my wrist watch for a very important meeting on Wednesday.  I opened the box and much to my surprise the box contained a woman’s wrist watch.  It was silver; It was small; It just did not look good on my wrist.  What was I to do?

I choose to take the women’s wrist watch back to the Capitola store.  Once there I went back to Emmele and explained the problem.  Again she was wonderful.  She did not hide or try to escape she just stepped forward and heard my story.  Then she started to help me. 

Soon another person arrived, her name was Jessica, and she was the manager of the watch department.  Together they worked on my problem and soon it was resolved.  I am back home now awaiting my new mans wrist watch.  I think Macy’s should recognize the service provided first by Emmele and then by Jessica. 

This type of problems could have turned me away from Macy’s in the future.  However, the support and assistance provided by these two Macy’s employees turned something negative into something positive.  They are why I will continue to shop at Macy’s!

Marti Knows


We returned home and Marti noticed that I was still thinking about the wrist watch and looking it up on the internet. She said that she was surprised that I would still be thinking about the watch. She went on to explain that since we had already purchased a watch, I should no longer be interested in looking at wrist watches. However, she noticed that I was not really interested in other wrist watches. She noticed that I was just interested in one wrist watch. It was the wrist watch of my dream, that Hugo Boss watch with the rose gold numbers and the rose gold case with a genuine leather band. The wrist watch with a face large enough that my week old eyes can see without glasses. I guess I really did want that watch.

Marti soon realized that the watch she had purchased for me was not the watch that I really wanted. She decided to resolve the problem. She was going to return the watch she purchased and return home with the wrist watch of my dream. What could I do? She was a woman with a purpose. I was so very happy and I was happy that Marti was the person who decided to return the watch that was purchased and purchase instead my Hugo Boss Rose Gold Chronograph wrist watch. Marti was going to make my dream come true.

I was so excited I was going to get the watch. It was a beautiful watch and I can see its face without my glasses. I waited for Marti to return home. Darn my luck, Macy’s did not have the watch in stock. We needed to order it from Macy’s online, and then I would need to wait until it was shipped to our home. My ordeal of waiting started. Each day I wondered if today was the day my watch would arrive. I waited and waited hoping that today would be the day for my watch to arrive. The days passed slowly but I continued to wait. Other items arrived at our house. Items such as the dress Marti ordered from the Jill catalog.  A Christmas gift from her sister in Virginia arrived. Another Christmas gift for Marti but this time it was from her daughter. I was starting to think my watch would ever come. Then three days later it arrived. I was so excited I opened the package to see my wrist watch.

My Christmas Gift

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The wrist watch!

I have a new wrist watch. The reason I have a new watch is that my old watch, stop working. When my old watch stopped working, I went looking for a new watch. I stopped at the various jewelry stores and department stores like Sears, Penny’s, Target and Macy’s. It was at Macy’s that I saw the one and only wrist watch for me. I became a kid again I really wanted that wrist watch. It was a man’s rose gold faced chronograph with a brown embossed leather strap designed by Hugo Boss. It was a beautiful man’s wrist watch.  It had a large face with all twelve Arabic numbers. This made it different from other men’s wrist watches that have small faces with little dashes or roman numerals instead of numbers. In addition, the watch had a stopwatch function. This would be helpful to me when cooking or baking. As you may know a chronograph is a specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch combined with a display watch. So in addition to the basic watch face this watch has an independent sweep second-hand; it can be started, stopped, and returned to zero by successive pressure on the stem. Added to the sweep second-hand are two other hands, one for tenths of a second, and one for the number of minutes. I was also happy about the fact that the wrist watch had a genuine brown leather strap as I prefer a leather band instead of a metal band. It was rose gold and it was beautiful. I really wanted that wrist watch.

Around a week later Marti informed me that she was going to give me a wrist watch for Christmas. So instead of buying my new watch I decided to wait for Christmas. Casually I mentioned to Marti that I may have found a watch that I liked at Macy’s. I suggested that if she thought the watch would be good for me she would not need to look all over town for my Christmas gift.  She could just get me the watch I wanted and present it to me for Christmas. We went to Macy’s and at that time I saw the actual price for my Boss wrist watch. I decided that I could not let Marti spend that much money on my Christmas gift.  Instead I decided to get another watch, one that was less expensive.